Canelo Announces His Fight With Munguia

March 9, 2024
1 month
Canelo Announces His Fight With Munguia

Canelo Alvarez has confirmed that he will fight Jaime Munguia on May 4 on Cinco de Mayo Weekend. 

The news ends speculation over Canelo’s next opponent, which has long been discussed. The Mexican left PBC with two fights left under his deal, only for the promotional company to restart talks about a Munguia fight.

Canelo’s announcement shows that PBC and Amazon Prime will be on board with the Mexican. It is unclear if the fight will be broadcast on DAZN, but since Munguia is a Golden Boy fighter, there is a chance that it could happen. 

Canelo vs Munguia

The news brings the uncertainty over Canelo’s future to an end. After the initial reports that Alvarez had parted ways with PBC, there were suggestions that he would join DAZN. Canelo fought with the network before deciding to part ways last year. Despite this, Eddie Hearn and Oscar De La Hoya were coy over where Canelo would go next. 

“There’s nothing I can say about that literally. I do know Canelo is fighting on Cinco de Mayo. Those are his dates. There’s been a lot of chatter about this fight [Canelo vs. Munguia], but right now, there’s zero news whatsoever. Canelo is the champion now and the man in boxing. I have to respect that and Cinco de Mayo and September until he’s finished, then somebody else will take over. That’s just the way it is. I’m pretty sure that when the fighters are ready to speak, they’ll speak,” De La Hoya stated

“I don’t think it’s official yet; we’ll have to see. Obviously, he’s with PBC, isn’t he? I don’t know how that contract sits. Was it a three-fight deal? I know Munguia is a DAZN fighter, so I’m not sure how that’ll play out with Golden Boy. We’ll see what plays out,” Hearn said

Canelo vs Benavidez

The news may finally allow boxing fans to see the David Benavidez fight. If Alvarez beats Munguia, a fellow undefeated Mexican, the only other fighter who would fit that profile is the Mexican Monster. Benavidez has clarified that he will not leave PBC to get that fight. That means a Canelo-Benavidez fight must happen with PBC. Canelo is currently tied to PBC for the next fight, but after that, it is unclear. But Benavidez’s following comments show that he is ready to fight now under the same platform.

“People have kept criticizing me, saying I only want a payday. I’ve been making good money for seven years, really good money. PBC and Al Haymon have taken care of me. So, what they were offering Canelo was close to $60 million. That was before PPV buys.

“After PPV buys, it was going to be a killing…So, if they’re going him [Canelo] $60 million over here [Premier Boxing Champions], what could they possibly give him over here [DAZN]? It’s the same thing. So, why would I go across the street when I’ve been getting treated really good with PBC and Al Haymon,” Benavidez stated 


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