Bill Haney Says Tank Rejected $20M To Fight Haney; Davis Says Call Al Haymon

December 16, 2023
4 months
Bill Haney Says Tank Rejected $20M To Fight Haney; Davis Says Call Al Haymon

Bill Haney has claimed that Gervonta Davis rejected a guaranteed $20 million offer to fight Devin Haney.

The revelation comes after both boxers fired shots at each other on social media. Following Haney’s win over Regis Prograis to become the WBC junior welterweight champion, he accused Tank Davis of avoiding a fight. In response, Davis hit out at Haney for rehydrating to 165 pounds for the fight with Prograis.

He accused ‘The Dream’ of cheating as he called out his association with Victor Conte and his sports nutrition company, SNAC. Conte was jailed in 2005 for ‘conspiracy to distribute steroids and money laundering.’ The feud has escalated further, with Bill Haney claiming Davis rejected a considerable purse.

Haney On Davis

“I’m talking to you, the ex-face of boxing. This is the Devin Haney era. Bro, you turned down $20 million guaranteed. $20 million, bro. Are you serious, bro?” Bill Haney

It is not clear who the offer was to, but it appears that there was an attempt to get the fight made. Davis posted a screenshot of a DM Hearn had sent, stating that he was ready to talk. But to make the fight happen, some significant obstacles must be overcome.

Haney is with DAZN, while Davis is with the PBC, which has just signed a big deal with Amazon Prime Video. In addition, Al Haymon has shown a reluctance to work with Matchroom, making it another obstacle. However, Davis made his intentions clear.

Davis On Haney

“These n***as is p***y. If they wanna make the fight happen, tell them they know who to call. They’re broke. I’m supposed to get on the phone with Al [Haymon] tonight to talk to him about what these n***** are talking about. You see, Eddie [Hearn] has been in my DMs. No, I want your boss. If they want to make the fight happen, they know who to call, and I’m by the phone. All of them,” Davis stated 

Aside from that, the issue of the weight will come up. Davis fights at 135 pounds and often imposes rehydration clauses against bigger fighters. With Haney at 140, he has ruled out coming back down in weight. Bill Haney and Eddie Hearn have also made it clear that they are against rehydration clauses, making it only possible if Tank moves up to 140 and takes the fight without those restrictions. 

“Let the rules be the rules and let the best man win. You cannot get on the Mount Rushmore of boxing with those rules. He’s the rehydration champion,” Bill Haney said

Why should there there be a rehydration clause, especially when you’re fighting for a belt. I don’t know. It’s one to discuss, but I don’t see it happening next, but I think we will get it,” Hearn stated

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