Bill Haney And Regis Prograis’ Coach Clash In A Heated Altercation

December 7, 2023
3 months
Bill Haney And Regis Prograis' Coach Clash In A Heated Altercation

Bill Haney, Devin Haney’s dad, fired verbal shots towards Regis Prograis’ coach, Evins Tobler, in what has been a fiery build-up.

Haney and Prograis are gearing up for their junior welterweight clash on December 9th, 2023. Haney is moving up from lightweight after having become undisputed to take on Prograis and attempt to gain his WBC belt. Regis, however, will be hoping to secure a unification against the other big names in the division with a statement win.

In the initial presser between the two fighters, team Haney and Tobler were very vocal about their side coming out victorious. Tobler was clear about Haney’s lack of punching power, given that Regis has stopped 24 opponents in his 29 wins. Devin, in response, replied by dismissing Tobler’s credentials, going so far as to state that no one had heard of him. And now the bad blood has continued up until the fight with Bill and Tobler exchanging words.

Haney Vs. Tobler

Tobler: “What I told you is pure fact. I don’t talk no s***. I give you facts. The facts about your son [Devin Haney] is he hasn’t fought nobody in his career that is going to be this crazy. These are facts. Look into the cameras and tell them. You can’t explain. I already know.”

Bill: “Track coach, you guys possess the ability to apply some pressure. My son is going to knock him the f***k out.”

Tobler: “No, your son is going to get knocked out for the first time in his whole career. What power? He don’t got no power. He’s got 15 knockouts. He’s knocked out 15 bums. What power?”

Bill: “He’s going to come for Devin, and we’re going to knock his a** out.” Tobler: “Your son is going to get knocked out like I told you. He’s getting the f*** knocked out. However that is, that’s the way it’s going to be. He ain’t ran from nobody, but your son been running.”

Will There Be A KO?

The chances of Haney securing a stoppage are slim when we look at his boxing record. In his 30 fights, Haney has stopped 15 of his opponents. The last stoppage came all the way back in 2019 when Zaur Abdullaev retired. However, it is important to bear in mind the following.

Haney has been fighting at 135 pounds for his whole career, a weight which he has outgrown. And now that he has moved up to junior welterweight, there is a chance that the extra weight helps his punching power. With that being said, Bill Haney backed his son to deliver the goods. 

“He’s going to get knocked out and his career is going to be over with. I guarantee. You see what it is. He’s full of folly and melancholy. That shows you at 25-years-old, we’re a team that is prepared. We’re a team that is seasoned, and you see what’s going on.

“That’s why Devin is going to show you in 72 hours why he’s the #1 best fighter on the planet, and he wants all the smoke. The man is going to get knocked out. The man has been over here playing, talking. I see he don’t got no game plan,” Bill Haney

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