Adrien Broner Loses Big After Betting On Haney Vs. Garcia – ‘I Only Got Thirteen Dollars’

April 21, 2024
4 weeks
Adrien Broner Loses Big After Betting On Haney Vs. Garcia - 'I Only Got Thirteen Dollars'

Adrien Broner lost some big money after he betted on a knockout win for Ryan Garcia over Devin Haney.

Garcia secured a shock majority decision win, dropping Haney three times in the fight. The odds put Haney as the heavy favorite. The Dream is a two-weight world champion. Haney also became the youngest undisputed champion of the four-belt era when he won all the belts at lightweight.

There were also worries that Garcia was not prepared for the fight. During the build-up, he admitted to drinking and smoking weed. His social media activity also raised concerns that he was not in a good mental state. Haney’s odds were -900, while Garcia was seen as a +600 underdog. While Broner admitted that his friend betted big on Haney to win, ‘The Problem’ risked it all for Garcia.

Broner’s Bet

“My brother says he got a million dollars that Devin wins this fight tonight. If I had my money like I did back in the day, I’d probably put my money with him, too. So, it would be two million. Taken that I only got thirteen dollars, I like Ryan for the knockout. I like my odds. I got to triple this…up. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I got to make me some money,” Broner said 

Broner does not have the best judgement when it comes to betting. He backed Errol Spence Jr. to beat Terence Crawford in their Undisputed Welterweight Clash last year. The fight was one-sided, as Bud dropped The Truth three times before stopping him in the ninth round. Crawford also defied the pre-fight narrative that Spence would bully him.

Bet History

However, given that Broner appears to be in need of a big financial win, he ultimately took a huge risk. Now that the four-division champion is no longer securing the big fights, the boxer has been left to rue the bet. History suggested that backing Garcia was not the best move.

The boxer himself lost $1.5 million over a bet with Haney. Garcia agreed to pay Haney $500,000 for every pound over the 140-pound limit. Garcia ended up being 3.2 pounds over the limit, leaving him a hefty sum to pay. Ryan also agreed to bet his whole purse to beat Gervonta Davis. That ultimately backfired, as Garcia was stopped in the seventh round.

Ryan: “Didn’t you hear what I said? Everything is already on the line anyways. Let’s go. I just did. I already did. Who is that talking over there. I don’t even know who that is.

Gervonta: “Do you want to bet.” 

Ryan: “Yeah, I’m down.” 

Gervonta: “The whole purse.” 

Ryan: “The whole purse.” 

Gervonta: “That’s a bet.” 

Ryan: “You hear me online. Let’s bet. Let’s make the contract and sign it. [And] let’s do it. If you really want it. I am going to win for sure.”

While Garcia did win, Broner lost out on his bet. In hindsight, Broner would be better focusing on getting back in the ring.


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