Terence Crawford Dismisses Charlo And Ennis Fight, Focuses On Canelo And Spence

November 29, 2023
3 months
Terence Crawford Dismisses Ennis Fight, Focuses On Canelo And Spence

Terence Crawford has opened up on whether he would be willing to fight Jermell Charlo.

Bud is currently preparing to face Errol Spence Jr. in their rematch after Crawford stopped him in round nine to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era. In between rounds, Crawford could be heard directing his attention to Charlo in the crowd, saying, ‘You’re next.’

However, since then, many things have changed. Spence has exercised his rematch clause, while Charlo is no longer undisputed at 154. Following the latter’s fight with Canelo Alvarez, the WBO stripped him for failing to defend against Tim Tszyu, who became the full champion.

Meanwhile, Charlo vacated his IBF belt with suggestions that he could move up to 160. And since that will deprive Crawford of the chance to become a three-weight undisputed champion, the boxer no longer sees Charlo as a key target.

Crawford On Canelo

“I’m not gonna rule it out. Charlo still got two belts, he’s still the champion but right now, I’m not looking to fight Charlo,” Crawford said

Outside of the Spence rematch, Crawford’s next steps are unclear. Canelo Alvarez appears reluctant to face the fighter, with the attention turning towards a David Benavidez fight instead. And yet, Bud has stated that this is his ultimate goal.

Such a fight would require him to move up three weight classes in order to try and attempt to become undisputed in a third weight class. As of now, the chances of pulling that off are slim, even if a fight was made. Jermell Charlo had shown that moving up two weight divisions was a factor in his loss.

The 154-pounder failed to offer any resistance as he lost in a one-sided unanimous decision loss.
However, fights against Jaron Ennis and Charlo are not appealing. The former holds the IBF belt at 147, something which Crawford has already managed to win.

Therefore, a victory over Ennis would do nothing to enhance his legacy. Meanwhile, Charlo is no longer undisputed at 154 pounds. Once again, that hinders Bud’s chances of being a three-time undisputed champion. With that being said, the focus was Canelo moving forward.

Crawford On Canelo

“Listen, like I said. Jaron is in one place, and I’m in another. I’m looking for mega fights right now, and right now, that’s not a mega fight. That’s my standpoint on it. I’m looking to fight guys like Canelo Alvarez.

“That’s pretty much it, man, and a rematch with Spence, and that’s it. That’s over with for me. Man, that would be lovely. That would definitely be lovely. Charlo isn’t a mega-fight. His last performance [against Alvarez] wasn’t a great performance,” Crawford stated 

But before that can happen, Crawford must navigate the Spence rematch that is currently in the works. The outstanding issues are the date and weight class, which should become clearer moving forward. And thereafter, Crawford can target those legacy-defining fights. 

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