Subriel Matias Calls Out The Big Names In The 140-Pound Division

January 11, 2024
3 months
Subriel Matias Calls Out The Big Names In The 140-Pound Division

Subriel Matias wants to face the biggest names in the 140-pound division as he put Devin Haney, Teofimo Lopez, Rolando Romero, And Ryan Garcia on notice. 

Matias is the most avoided fighter in the division, with a record of 20-1. All of his 20 wins have come through knockout, making him one of the most destructive punchers in the division.

Following Haney’s win over Regis Prograis to become the WBC champion, Bill Haney claimed he had been in touch with Matias’ team to make the fight happen. Bill alleged Matias priced himself out of the fight by demanding $4 million to make it happen. Matias’ team denied anything of the sort. 

Matias Vs. Haney

“I gave Peter Kahn a call about it. He didn’t sound too much boogeyman to me, at four million dollars ($4,000,000). I called him and said, “Devin said let’s talk.’ He said the kid wants four million so I waited about 30 minutes and called him back. He said, ‘No really, the kid wants four million dollars,” Bill Haney stated 

“Subriel Matías’ team has not received any calls about negotiations to face Devin Haney. Peter Kahn has NOTHING to do with Subriel Matías. Promoter Juan Orengo and Matías’ manager, Pedro Cruz are the only representatives of ‘Orgullo De Maternillo,” Pedrito Cruz (Matias manager)

Matias Vs. Lopez

Reports emerged over a Matias and Lopez fight in February, but reports stressed that he could not take the fight due to a hand injury. Lopez then moved on to face Jamaine Ortiz, which will occur on February 8, 2024. But there are talks that the fight could still happen in the summer for The National Puerto Rican Day Parade weekend in June. Matias hit back, claiming that Lopez was seeking to avoid the fight.

“He’s a coward. He says that he’s offered to fight me and he knows the reason why he made that offer is because I recently fought and I won’t be ready and prepared for that fight. If he’s a man of his word, then he will take the fight with me. And a message for his dad, stop talking so much s**t. If he wants to fight me, he can fight me. There’s dates there, there’s April, March, if he wants to face me, stop being a coward. Stop talking s**t and make sure that he’ll face me,” Matias said 

Matias Calls Out The Division

Subriel Matias Calls Out The Big Names In The 140-Pound Division
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As for a fight with Ryan Garcia, it is doubtful. He has an easier option of winning a world title by facing Rolando Romero. That may have influenced Garcia’s decision to avoid the Haney fight since he, like Matias, is a much tougher challenge. Since Garcia has one loss on his record, which was recently against Gervonta Davis, he does need to rebuild himself somewhat before he gets back into another big fight. But Matias was ready for all the smoke.

“The really best at 140 is right here. No Teofimo, pu**y. No Ryan, who’s Ryan? [And] no Haney, chicken. No Rolly, he’s a joke. So what’s happening? I’m here. Who want to fight with me? Who? Teo- is brave, let him fight in June if it go well. ‘Haney’ Dad thinks he’s talking to stupid people, and you don’t know we’re more than we project, clown. Ryan-a lucky spoiler. It’s the gift that everyone wants, inside the ring it’s nobody. Rolly -a clown who got the wrong sport,” Matias stated 

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