Sean O’Malley Slams Marlon Vera’s ‘Greasy Hair’ Comment – ‘Chito Sucks, Ruined His Career’

March 21, 2024
3 months
Sean O’Malley Slams Marlon Vera's 'Greasy Hair' Comment - 'Chito Sucks, Ruined His Career'

Sean O’Malley, the UFC Bantamweight Champion, has criticized Marlon Vera’s comments about his ‘greasy’ hair.

Suga avenged his only loss to Vera, winning a unanimous decision at UFC 299 this month. Vera ended the fight strongly, landing a big body shot just before the bell as O’Malley hit the ground once the fight was over. 

But in Truth, the champion was the far better fighter as he won a unanimous decision: 50-45, 50-45, and 50-44. After the loss, Vera said facing O’Malley was ‘like grabbing a fish out of the water,’ saying he had put something in his colored-hair. 

O’Malley responded by accusing the fighter of being bitter over his loss. He also referenced an alleged DM Vera had sent him when the fight was announced. O’Malley said Vera told him he was lucky to win their first fight since Suga was kicking his ‘ass.’

O’Malley On Vera

“I don’t get the whole ‘Chito’ thing. Everyone seems to love this dude. [He] is a fake-ass b*tch. ‘Chito’ sucks. I know sh*t that people don’t know that would change their minds on him, but I’m not going to go out there and post it.”

“The DM was real. I was in his head. I was his brain. [And] I was thinking for him. F that guy. Then he comes out saying I’m greasing my hair. You didn’t even get close enough to smell my hair, let alone – what was grease in my hair going to do?”

“I’m just like, ‘Be the bigger man. You don’t need to ruin his life. You already ruined his career. Just be the bigger man,” O’Malley stated 

Elsewhere, UFC Bantamweight Champion Raquel Pennington does not want to take on Kayla Harrison in her next fight. 

Harrison recently left the PFL to sign a deal with the UFC to face ex-Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm at UFC 300. Harrison will fight at bantamweight when she has fought at 155 pounds for most of her career. She has reassured fans that the weight won’t be an issue, as victory takes her a step closer to a title shot. The Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo and two-time PFL Champion could face Pennington for the title if she gets past Holm. 

Pennington secured the title, beating Mayra Bueno Silva at UFC 297 via a unanimous decision. The champion wanted Julianna Pena next, who has not fought since losing to the now-retired Amanda Nunes at UFC 277 in 2022. Pennington was against facing Harrison since she would only have one fight before getting a title shot, skipping ahead of others who may have more of a claim to a world title. 

Pennington On Harrison

“In my mind it’s Julianna Pena. That’s what me and my team are preparing for, and it makes sense. It’s tough because the UFC does business how they want to do business. Obviously, you have Kayla Harrison who just signed to the UFC. They do have a habit of when someone has a big name, they like to fast track them.

“So I wouldn’t be surprised after UFC 300 next month if Kayla wins, if a phone call is a lot different after that fight. But we’ll see. For me, I think it’s Julianna. Just from having to grind from the bottom up, never being handed anything, there’s a lot of women in this division who have been busting their ass for years and years. They’re wanting opportunities, I do not find it fair.

“I get the business aspect of it. But I do not find it fair when an athlete comes in and just because they have a big name, they get to skip the line. But, I’m not opposed to fighting anybody. I love the challenges out there,” Pennington said


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