Kayla Harrison Blasts Inappropriate UFC 300 Question – ‘I’m An Advocate For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse’

March 14, 2024
2 months
Kayla Harrison Blasts Inappropriate UFC 300 Question - 'I’m An Advocate For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse'

Kayla Harrison was left outraged by a fan question during a UFC 300 Q&A session.

Harrison recently signed with the UFC to take on Holly Holm in the bantamweight at UFC 300. In doing so, she ended ties with the PFL, which ended hopes of a Cris Cyborg fight. In the build-up of the big card in April, Harrison found herself at the centre of attention in a negative way.

During the Q&A session, Harrison was alongside lightweight Arman Tsarukyan and light-heavyweight champion Alex Pereira. A Russian fan had asked Tsarukyan if he wanted sex with Harrison. Tsarukyan laughed off the question, and when he was asked to translate it, he said it was a ‘stupid question.’

Harrison was not best pleased with the question, given her background. She spoke extensively about how she is a mother and an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. Reports indicate that she had been sexually abused by her former coach, Daniel Doyle, during her teens. Doyle was sent to prison for ten years, but the incident left Harrison with a strong desire to speak out. Looking at the question posed to Tsarukyan, she was not happy.

Harrison Reacts

“At one point there was a fan who came up and spoke to Arman in Russian. Arman was getting booed the whole time, and we’ve talked about it and we’re fine. The guy asked him basically how many times would-, he asked a really inappropriate question about me. Arman answered it, and I looked like an idiot. I’m up on stage laughing and Megan Olivi says ‘Would you care to translate it?’ and Arman was like ‘No, it was a stupid question move on’.”

“Then in the next day I’m tagged in all of these Russian outlets with the translation of what he asked. It’s disheartening I think, it’s disrespectful. I’m a two-time Olympic champion, a world champion, I’m a mother, I’m an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, I wrote a book and I have a foundation. In that sense, it’s disrespectful that someone would even ask that question. More than that, you would never hear a female get asked ‘How many times you have sex with Alex Pereira? We don’t sexualize men like that. So it was disheartening,” Harrison said 

Harrison vs Holm

But Harrison must put aside her anger towards the situation by looking at the task ahead. She will face the ex-UFC Bantamweight Champion Holm in a weight class she is not used to participating in. Harrison will fight at bantamweight, but most of her career has been at 155 pounds. Although she has stated that she can make the weight, she is facing Holm, who is seen as a legend in the sport. That is why Harrison is prepared for anything that will come her way.

“I don’t use the word legend lightly, but I think Holly is very much a legend in the sport. She’s been in the top 10 for years now, been a former champ. I didn’t come over here to just see how I can do and fight amongst everyone. I’m here to come over and win a UFC title and finish my career on top. So Holly’s a good start to that,” Holm added


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