Ryan Garcia Fails VADA Test, Casting Doubt Over Devin Haney Victory – ‘You Robbed Haney’

May 2, 2024
3 weeks
Ryan Garcia Fails VADA Test

Ryan Garcia has allegedly tested positive for Ostarine, raising question marks over his victory against Devin Haney

According to Dan Rafael, Garcia tested positive for the substance. One occurred a day before the fight on April 19, while the other was on the day of the bout on April 20. Ostarine is a substance known for increasing muscle mass, allowing fighters to lose weight and improve their endurance. Amir Khan was the last boxer to have failed for that substance, testing positive in a UKAD test following his loss to Kell Brook in 2022. Khan received a two-year ban. 

“I’ve never cheated in my life. You can see by my performance against Kell Brook… If I went in there and knocked Kell Brook out it’s different. I was the one who wanted testing on the fight. The amount that was in my system could have been by shaking people’s hands… I don’t even know what drug was in my system. I’m a retired fighter, it’s funny they’ve given me a two-year ban now,” Amir Khan said

“Strict liability means athletes are ultimately responsible for what they ingest and for the presence of any prohibited substances in a sample,” Jane Rumble UKAD chief executive 

Garcia’s Test

There are also reports that 19-norandrosterone could be in Garcia’s system. Rafael stated that it “screened positive but was not confirmed for 19-Norandrosterone pending IRMS analysis currently being run.” Garcia has denied the claims, calling it fake news. However, until he proves otherwise, it raises questions about his performance. He dropped Haney three times on his way to a majority decision win.

Garcia slowed down in the fight more than normal, admitting that his conditioning was not the best. But Garcia failed to make weight. Th boxer came in 3.2 pounds over the junior welterweight limit. If Garcia is found guilty, he will likely receive a ban. There is also a chance that the fight is called a no-contest, meaning Haney retains his undefeated record. And yet, Garcia maintains his innocence as identified Ashwagandha Root as a possible cause for the failed test. The root is a herbal medicine for anxiety.

Garcia And Haney React

“I came on here to address the…claim that I cheated. Everybody knows that I don’t cheat. What can I say? Why didn’t the come out with this before the fight if they found it before? Why would they let me step into the ring as a cheater and then come out with a victory and then post this? Again, these are people that are trying to attack me for whatever reason but no weapon against me shall prosper. I’ve never taken a steroid in my — I don’t even know where to get steroids at the end of the day. I barely take supplements. They’re saying it’s coming from the ashwagandha — that’s…big lies,” Garcia stated

“We learned about this situation not too long ago, and it’s unfortunate that Ryan cheated and disrespected both the fans and the sport of boxing by fighting dirty and breaking positive not once but twice. I’ve always been an advocate for clean fighting, and this is an example of such. Ryan owes the fans an apology, and by his recent tweet, he still thinks this is a joke. We put our lives on the line to entertain people for a living. You don’t play boxing. This puts the fight in a completely different light. Despite the disadvantage, I still fought on my shield and got back up. People die in this sport. This isn’t a joking matter,” Haney stated


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