Ryan Garcia Cements Himself As The A-Side – ‘He Is The King’

May 1, 2024
3 weeks
Ryan Garcia Cements Himself As The A-Side - 'He Is The King'

Ryan Garcia can call the shots following his increasing stardom. 

That is according to Golden Boy Promotions President Eric Gomez. Garcia’s popularity has increased massively following his victory over Devin Haney. He dropped The Dream three times on his way to a majority decision win, making it the biggest victory of his career. While Garcia failed to make weight for the junior welterweight clash, meaning that he did not win the WBC title, his popularity has since then skyrocketed.

He has close to a million followers on X, while his Instagram following has reached 12 million, an increase of over a million before the fight. That has now made Garcia the A-side as he called out Errol Spence Jr., Isaac Cruz, and Sebastian Fundora. Garcia will now be in a position to dictate terms. Therefore, any fighter wanting to secure a big payday must agree to his terms.

Garcia also released a new song, ‘Blessed.’ He is on a music tour. The boxer was also pictured with former United States President Donald Trump shadowboxing in front of him. With the PPV numbers still yet to come, Garcia’s following will only increase. 

Garcia’s Future

“He [Garcia] is the king of the world. He’s got many to choose from – he has earned it. You’ve got to give him that respect. It is something he threw out there. From what I understand, Fundora is not available until late this year. I guess he suffered an injury – so he is not available. It is something we will discuss with him when we sit down. Whoever he wants, whoever he says he wants to fight, we are going to try and make that fight,” Garcia said

The only thing that Garcia needs to prove is whether he can win a world title. The boxer did not make the 140-pound limit, coming in 3.2 pounds over the limit. A fight with Cruz would have to occur at 140 since the Mexican holds the WBA Junior Welterweight Belt. At the same time, a fight with Fundora would have to take place at 154, which is more likely as Garcia has the frame to bulk up.  A fight with Spence could take place at 147. However, Spence does not hold any titles at the weight class, making it a less viable fight.

Until Garcia secures this first world title, there will always be question marks over the Haney victory. There were suggestions the extra weight had a major impact on the result. Boxers are known for struggling to lose the last few pounds, and Garcia was vocal that he did not want to drain himself. Haney, meanwhile, made the weight limit. But it was clear that Haney looked drained on the scales, especially since he had rehydrated to around 20 pounds on the night of the fight. The question is whether Garcia wants to fight for legacy or currency. 


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