Devin Haney Could Sack His Father Bill Following His Loss To Garcia – ‘This Is His Decision’

April 30, 2024
3 weeks
Devin Haney Could Sack His Father Bill Following His Loss To Garcia

Bill Haney has accused Ryan Garcia of cheating following the boxer’s win over his son Devin Haney, who may sever ties with his father.

Garcia sent Haney to the canvas three times before securing a majority decision win. However, Garcia failed to make the junior welterweight limit by 3.2 pounds, giving him a significant weight advantage over Haney. Haney made the junior welterweight limit, hitting 140 on the scales exactly. There were suggestions that he had struggled to lose weight even if he rehydrated to around 20 pounds over the limit on fight night.

The difference in power was noticeable. Garcia clipped Haney in the first round with his left hook, causing The Dream to stagger backwards. However, Bill is not happy with the weight. He felt they should have made Garcia weigh in on the morning of the fight to force him to lose those pounds.

Haney took a $1.5 million fine instead, which, in hindsight, was the wrong decision. However, given that Garcia stated he did not want to be drained, there were suggestions that he always planned on coming over the limit. Bill accused Garcia of cheating, stating that his son had done what a professional should do, questioning Garcia’s win. 

Haney On Garcia

“That’s calculated. That’s cheating. Initially getting hit with it … I don’t think [Devin] recovered. Getting caught early was a recipe for disaster. The left hand … we had a plan for it because it’s Ryan’s money punch,” Bill Haney said

Bill was also questioned about how he conducted his corner work. Haney was repeatedly hit with the left hook, showing that Garcia was exploiting a certain weakness he had seen. However, given that Haney is known for being one of the best defensive boxers in the sport, Bill was criticized for not giving him the correct corner advice to make those adjustments.

Between rounds two and five, Haney was winning the fight. He was outboxing Garcia, even if he landed his jab mostly and stayed out of range. Had Haney stayed on the outside and managed to do that for the rest of the fight, he would have secured a decision win. There are now serious questions over whether Bill will continue to train his son.

Bill’s Future

Floyd Mayweather felt Haney should have someone in his corner who has been in a boxing ring. While Mayweather did not say that Haney should leave his father, there is a feeling that Devin needs to change his training set-up to take him to the next level. Bill has confirmed that his son is taking some time off. He refused to rule out his son splitting ties with him, leaving team Haney with a big decision to make. 

“We are lifetime partners, and boxing is something we do as our profession. I never make assumptions [on the future]. I show up for work when he calls me. It’s only been a week. I hope Devin can take this time and be a 25-year-old who’s just coming out of a world-stopping event, to observe the 30 days of Ramadan he’s missed. He’ll come out of that in a good space, and whatever decision he makes, I’m sure it will be the best decision of his life. This is his decision and his decision only,” Bill stated 


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