Ryan Garcia Could Quit Boxing

May 6, 2024
2 weeks
Ryan Garcia Could Quit Boxing

Ryan Garcia has said he would quit boxing if he took PEDs intentionally. 

His comments were made to Jake Paul during an Instagram Live. Garcia’s biggest win against Devin Haney is in doubt following failed VADA tests. Ostarine was found on his system a day before the fight and on fight night. The substance is a fat burner and increases stamina and muscles.

Garcia may also have tested positive for 19-norandrosterone. However, this requires further testing. Garcia claims he is innocent and has decided to request his B-sample to prove his innocence. But if he is declared guilty, Garcia could face a big fine, ban and see the Haney result turned into a no-contest. During an interaction with Paul, Garcia continued to plead his innocence. 

Paul On Garcia

Paul: “Ryan, if you did do it, then that’s really…[messed] up. I’m going to be [angry]…at you as a friend.

Garcia: “If I did it, which I know damn well I didn’t, I would quit boxing. I didn’t do it. That’s crazy. At the end of the day, I know I didn’t. God is watching me at all times. I’m not going to do something to cheat people. I could have hurt him. I could have killed him. Why…would I do that? It’s so stupid, I’m not going to do it…I would never cheat.”

The news is a significant setback for the sport of boxing. Following Garcia’s win, his social media following increased rapidly. He has close to a million followers on X. His Instagram following has also exceeded 12 million, which is an increase of over a million since the Haney fight. His new fanbase could now be at risk if it is proven that Garcia cheated.

Ryan also risks losing his lucrative endorsement deals and damaging his reputation in the long run. After the Haney win, Garcia called out several fighters. One of those was Sebastian Fundora. Fundora is the current WBO and WBC Junior Middleweight Champion following his victory over Tim Tszyu. He warned Garcia that his brand could be damaged if he were found guilty. 

Fundora Reacts

“I hope it’s not true because that was a good win for him. If it is, that’s very disappointing. He proved a lot of people wrong. So to hear something like that, it’s not good. They’re going to get suspended. They already have those punishments. A lot of fans are going to lose interest in him. A cheater is a cheater. It’s not good,” Fundora stated

VADA is the most credible testing organization in the world. Garcia’s B-sample is unlikely to come back negative, meaning he must prove it was not intentional. The boxer has said all his supplements are being tested. But even if they show the presence of those banned substances, boxers are responsible for what goes into their bodies. With strict liability at play, Garcia still risks facing a heavy punishment. Given the euphoria following his win, it has damaged the sport, with many casual fans likely turning away from it.


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