Masvidal Wants To Box Nate Diaz And ‘Bust Up’ Chael Sonnen

February 29, 2024
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Masvidal Wants To Box Nate Diaz And 'Bust Up' Chael Sonnen

Jorge Masvidal is serious about facing Nate Diaz in a boxing fight.

Gamebread confirmed he was out of retirement this year as talk turned over his comeback fight. Jake Paul revealed that Masvidal would be fighting Diaz, only to delete that tweet. Ariel Helwani followed that up, stating that talks were ongoing. An official fight date has yet to be announced.

They have only fought once, which took place at UFC 244. Masvidal secured a third-round stoppage after the New York State Athletic Commission stopped the fight. This was in response to a cut over Diaz’s eye, as Gambread became the first person to be given the BMF title. But moving forward, Masvidal is serious about boxing Diaz.

Masvidal On Diaz

“There’s no deal in place, but I would love to fight that motherf*cker in a boxing match. Obviously I would’ve loved to have done it in MMA when he was free and I was free, but it wasn’t working out. I was competing with Usman for the title during that time when he was free, and then he finished out his contract. Now the UFC is so gracious, they’re going to let me box for a couple of matches. Nate could be one of them, hopefully. We have unfinished business,” Masvidal said

If Masvidal does not box, he has talked about making an MMA fight. He has mentioned two possible names. The first is the current BMF Champion, Justin Gaethje. Justin won the belt after stopping Dustin Poirier in the second round at UFC 291.

Gamebread responded to the victory, stating he would be willing to return to take the belt back. But to do that, Gaethje must first overcome Max Holloway at UFC 300. Holloway is no easy fight, given that he has won the last four of his five UFC fights. But if Gaethje wins, Gamebread was keen on getting in the Octagon.

Masvidal On MMA

“When I won the belt, Dana said it would be one of one. The belt would be done, there would be no defending of it. So there was no talk about it, at least for me. But I think now, the temperature on that theme has changed you know?

“Now it’s a little different, they’re doing things a little different. Justin’s very good, the dude he beat to get that belt is a stud, a f*cking killer in Dustin Poirier. But, I just feel like if you put BMF against BMF, you put me against [Justin] Gaethje in there, I will break his eye orbital and I will f*cking chop him up, man. So hopefully that can happen at some point,” Masvidal stated

The other option on the table is to fight Chael Sonnen. Chael has not fought since being stopped by Lyoto Machida in Bellator in 2019. The former MMA fighter is not on good terms with Masvidal. Sonnen has criticised Masvidal’s UFC losses, as well as his assault case against Colby Covington.

Covington would beat Masvidal at UFC 272, and Gamebread would then get arrested for assaulting Covington. While the assault case was resolved, Sonnen never let it go. But Gamebread is open to resolving their feud in the octagon. 

“I can’t stand that lesbian transitional b***h Chael Sonnen. No offense to lesbians because there’s some hot cool-ass lesbians out there. But it’s just him with those glasses and that haircut, he looks like he’s in transition. I would love to bust up Chael, but he would never get in the boxing ring with me. They’ve offered him all types of crazy money,” Masvidal stated 

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