McGregor Won’t Fight At UFC 300 – Says Chael Sonnen

December 30, 2023
2 months
McGregor Won't Fight At UFC 300 - Says Chael Sonnen

In today’s MMA news,Conor McGregor will not fight at UFC 300 despite his desire to do so.

That is according to Chael Sonnen. Following McGregor’s decision to renter USADA testing, the Irishman was desperate to fight in April in time for the card. Dana White dismissed those hopes, stating that a fight for the summer was more likely. That has pushed back McGregor’s hopes of a comeback even further following his defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

The loss was also accompanied by a broken leg, after which McGregor’s USADA troubles began. The Irishman has expressed his anger, stating that he has been deprived of his ‘livelihood.’ But Sonnen does not see the Irishman returning for the following reason. Any such fight with McGregor would not be for a world title. Since he has been out of the octagon for a prolonged period, it would be too much of a risk to put him on the card, knowing there is no guarantee that he will perform after being out for so long.

Sonnen On McGregor

“You know why Conor McGregor, the world’s biggest star, will not be fighting at UFC 300? Do you know the answer as to why? [It] has nothing to do with USADA, has nothing to do with Michael Chandler, has nothing to do with Conor and his training. Do you know why? Because it’s not a title fight.”

“UFC 300 will be capped off with a world title. Likely on that card, there’s going to be three world titles but the last fight of the night will be a championship match. So if you put Conor on the card, it means he can’t be the main event,” Sonnen said 

That has left McGregor with much to consider. Does the Irishman want to fight, or is he only looking for world title shots? Michael Chandler has to consider his future equally. He has not fought since his loss to Dustin Poirier over a year ago at UFC 281.

Chandler On McGregor

The wait has understandably left him frustrated over what to do. The fighter has been trading shots against McGregor, feeling that the Irishman is trying to avoid a fight. McGregor’s poor run of form has seen him lose three of his last four fights. But given that he has made a Netflix documentary, McGregor Forever, about making a comeback, the failure to do so would ruin his standing among other fighters. 

“I heard there was a meeting in Abu Dhabi or Dubai tonight — hopefully Dana can convince Conor McGregor to be a man of his word. But we all make claims we can’t back up at times…it’s human nature…I don’t fault him for it. Imagine saying it, ‘the greatest comeback in combat sports history’ and then doing a whole sham of a documentary about it, and then never coming back. McGregor FORGOTTEN,” Chandler

Dana White has suggested that McGregor’s future will be ‘figured out,’ but will it be enough to get ‘The Notorious’ back in the Octagon? ‘Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on