Colby Covington Says He Would Like a Shot at LeBron James Next

December 14, 2023
4 months

There is much to discuss in the leadup to Colby Covington and Leon Edwards’ battle for the welterweight championship fight Saturday in Paradise, Nevada. But while Covington had some barbs for his opponent and even for a potential challenger in Belal Muhammad, Covington also found time to attack Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. Covington has based his UFC persona around being an All-American athlete.

James, who some have accused of being too hard on the United States in interviews while not raising criticism of other nations, drew Covington’s scorn. Before exiting the interview, Covington addressed James directly.

“If you hate America so much, and you don’t like this country that gave you a billion dollars, leave it or come deal with me,” Covington said.

He continued the rant by suggesting James could go to China and talk to sweatshop workers to “make your millions.” Covington would then use some expletives before exiting the strange.

Covington, never one not to speak his mind, no matter how crudely, kicked off a wild day of promotion Wednesday afternoon.

Covington, who hasn’t fought in over a year and a half, hadn’t been heard from much in public. At the press conference, MMA latest updates show Covington took his opportunity to take on all of his perceived rivals.

Edwards Thinks Covington’s Love of Trump is Weird

There isn’t much about Covington’s statements leading up to the championship bout that Edwards thinks makes a lot of sense. In the past week, Covington has requested that UFC CEO Dana White allow former U.S. President Donald Trump to walk out to the octagon with him. If Covington wins, he has also asked White to allow Trump to put the belt on him.

For Edwards, the whole scenario is bizarre.

“I think the whole scenario is weird,” Edwards said. “That’s what I make of it. I don’t get the fascination with another man. I know he used to be the president, but he’s no longer the president. I don’t get it.”

Edwards, who won the belt off Kamaru Usman, who defeated Covington twice, believes he has the tools to make life uncomfortable for Covington. He is even more confident that Trump won’t have much of a role in Saturday’s fight.

“Trump ain’t wrapping the belt around his waist because he ain’t getting the belt,” Edwards said. “Trump has been at his side before when he’s lost. Trump can’t fight for him. He needs to grow up and go get a girlfriend or something.“

Belal Muhammad Catches Strays

Belal Muhammad is chomping at the bit for a title shot. He will weigh in as the backup fighter should either Edwards or Covington need to point out. Muhammad has long criticized Covington for getting an opportunity before other, more active fighters, according to MMA news sites.

Muhammad is on a 10-fight unbeaten streak. He has won nine of his last ten fights, with the other fight being a no-contest where an eye poke from Edwards left Muhammad unable to continue. Muhammad is 23-3 in his career but has drawn criticism for his lack of finishing ability.

Covington couldn’t help but take shots at Muhammad. He was adamant that he wouldn’t allow Muhammad to get the first title shot if he won the belt. Covington said he would rather have a third fight with Usman because it would be better business.

“No, who wants to fight a racist?” Covington said. “Could you imagine if I said someone earned something off the color of their skin? That’s absolutely despicable. That’s disgusting. That guy hasn’t deserved anything. It’s not my fault he’s not a star. You have to make yourself a star. I’m the one that went out there and did the things I needed to do to become a star like I have.”

Ian Garry Fight is Off

People noticed all week that Irish star Ian Garry, typically a frequent trash talker, has been noticeably quiet. The reason for that is Garry had an illness that would force him out of Saturday’s fight with Vicente Luque.

As of now, no other opponents have been lined up for Luque.

“I know it’s out there. I know there is some speculation that Ian Garry and Vicente Luque is off. That’s true,” White said. “It is. Garry started with the flu, which turned into pneumonia. That fight is off. It isn’t happening.”

Luque handled the news with a good demeanor. He wished Garry a quick recovery and was ready to try and get some rest himself.

Paddy Pimblett Plays Mind Games with Tony Ferguson

Paddy Pimblett claims he has a mental edge on Tony Ferguson. But it’s hard to see why the rising English star would need one. Ferguson, 39, is on a six-fight losing streak and appears to be headed out of the promotion.

When the Ferguson-Pimblett fight was announced, many were surprised that Ferguson was getting another chance to fight in the UFC. Pimblett said during the press conference that Ferguson was one of his heroes but hadn’t felt that his respect for Ferguson was being reciprocated. 

Pimblett said that Ferguson blocked him on Instagram, and the veteran fighter said he was sensitive for worrying about that.

“I can’t believe he said I was sensitive though,” Pimblett said. “A bit of a weird one. Shows I’m in his head.”

Ferguson is hoping to avoid making UFC history. If he loses this fight, he’ll be tied with former champion BJ Penn for the longest losing streak in company history. Ferguson has been training with retired U.S. Navy Seal David Goggins in the leadup to this fight, according to MMA news sites.

“I’m back to where I needed to be,” Ferguson said. “Much better than I ever have been. I’m faster, I’m stronger, I’m more mentally strong than any (expletive) person who is going to be here that walks through these (expletive) cage walls. That has been, ever been through these cage walls. You guys will see on Saturday.”

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