Jake Paul Is Willing To Kill Mike Tyson; Bulks Up To 240 Pounds – ‘One Of Us Has To Die’

May 7, 2024
2 weeks
Jake Paul Says He Will Kill Mike Tyson - 'One Of Us Has To Die'

Jake Paul has controversially claimed that he is willing to kill Mike Tyson on July 20 in order to win, as he will bulk up to 240 pounds.

The two will face off in a professional boxing bout after the Texas Athletic Commission sanctioned it a pro fight. There were safety concerns over whether or not it should go ahead. Tyson will be 58 when he enters the ring against Paul, who is three decades older at 28. 

The fight has been confirmed as an eight-rounder. They will both compete in two-minute rounds and wear 14-ounce clubs. A decision will be made at the end of the fight, and judges will be on hand to score it. Tyson’s last professional fight was in 2005, when he lost to Kevin McBride. Since then, he has only boxed once, facing Roy Jones Jr. in 2020 in an exhibition that ended in a draw. 

Paul Warns Tyson

Paul is a much more active fighter, having boxed twice since last December. He stopped Andre August and Ryan Bourland, both in first-round knockouts. While that may have been the case, he has only had two rounds in the ring since December. The last time he went the distance was against Nate Diaz last August, winning a unanimous decision.

Both men are taking the fight seriously. Tyson is reportedly training three times a day to get himself in the best possible shape. He has also imposed a self-ban on smoking weed and sex for this fight. Paul has taken things a step further, stating that he is willing to do whatever he can to win and even suggesting that one of them may have to die. To prepare himself, he has bulked up to 240 pounds. 

“It’s war; all is fair in love and war. I love the guy, but as soon as it turned into a pro fight, one of us has to die. He’s taking this very, very seriously and that’s what’s going to make the fight amazing for all the fans. He’s a killer. I’m moving up to the heavyweight division so he’s going to have some advantages but that’s what’s going to make this fight exciting. We both have one-punch knockout power.

“I’m only growing. I think I’ll get up to 240 and probably cut down so I’m like way faster. But if I’m training for this camp – and camp hasn’t started – but if I’m training in this camp at 240 and then I cut down to 220 it’s basically like I had a 20lbs weight vest on for the whole entire camp. So my muscles are going to be so much stronger and that speed will come through,” Paul said 

Paul’s Aim

Nevertheless, boxing is one of the most dangerous sports. Deontay Wilder raised similar controversial claims when he said he wanted a body on his record. The Bronze Bomber is known for being one of the most destructive punches in the division. In the lead-up to his Joseph Parker fight, he wanted to knock Parker out of the ring. 

The sport also faces problems with performance-enhancing drugs; Ryan Garcia’s failed VADA tests for Ostarine has shown the dangers of fighters doing whatever they can do to win. Ostarine is a substance used to increase muscle, stamina and burn fat. While Garcia maintains his innocence, it shows the lengths fighters may go to try and win. Paul’s comments indicate that. Even if he does it to sell the fight, come fight night, fans will be hoping that both men come out of the ring healthily. But Paul did state that Tyson wanted it to be a professional fight. 

“I just want to make it clear that Mike Tyson is the one who wanted it to be a professional fight. I said to Nakisa [Bidarian – MVP co-founder], if that is what Mike wants that is fine, but make sure you tell Mike there is no holding back. Whatever happens now happens and this is war now. If he puts me down I can deal with that, but if I put him down, he needs to be the one making the decision on whether or not he can deal with it,” Paul stated


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