Jake Paul Recreates Tyson Vs. Holyfield Ear Bite

March 12, 2024
1 month
Jake Paul Recreates Tyson Vs. Holyfield Ear Bite

Jake Paul did a spoof of Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear in the run-up to their bout on July 20. 

The duo will face each other on July 20 from the  AT&T Stadium, Texas. Netflix will air their first-ever fight on the platform in a move that will undoubtedly draw in the casual fanbase. Tyson’s last fight with Roy Jones Jr., which was an exhibition, sold over a million PPVs.

That shows the pulling power Tyson can still command. Paul has also delivered big fight events. His bout with Tommy Fury sold over 800,000 PPVs, while his bout with Nate Diaz sold 450,000. That shows Paul is capable of drawing in the big crowds.

Paul has increased the hype around the promotion by recreating Tyson’s infamous moment. The following clip shows Tyson biting Holyfield’s ear. Paul then responds by recreating it with his sparring partner. Now, both fighters are looking to put on a massive event.

Paul Reacts

“It’s crazy to think that in my second pro fight, I went viral for knocking out Nate Robinson on Mike Tyson’s undercard. Now, less than four years later, I’m stepping up to face Tyson myself to see if I have what it takes to beat one of boxing’s most notorious fighters and biggest icons. Within just two and a half years of founding MVP, we’re about to produce the biggest fight in history,” Paul 

“I’m very much looking forward to stepping into the ring with Jake Paul at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. He’s grown significantly as a boxer over the years, so it will be a lot of fun to see what the will and ambition of a ‘kid’ can do with the experience and aptitude of a GOAT. It’s a full circle moment that will be beyond thrilling to watch; as I started him off on his boxing journey on the undercard of my fight with Roy Jones and now I plan to finish him,” Tyson 

Will It Happen?

Nevertheless, there is a danger that the fight does not go ahead as a professional bout. Reports indicate that Tyson is struggling to get the fight sanctioned, meaning it would only go ahead as an exhibition.  The  Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has a decision.

Tyson has not fought in the state since 1985 when he beat Eddie Richardson. Tyson’s cause has not been helped by Evander Holyfield’s bout with Vitor Belfort in 2021. A much-older Holyfield was way off the pace, as he was overpowered in the first round. The fight was stopped as Holyfield never looked the same. Since Tyson will be 58 at the time of the fight, he could suffer in the ring. 

“Not to be Mr. Buzzkill or anything, but it seems strangely overlooked that Mike Tyson was knocked out back-to-back in the last two of his pro career. Knocked out by average at best fighters, and that was about twenty years ago,” Rich Marotta, Nevada Hall of Fame founder said 


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