Jake Paul Offers Tommy Fury $20 Million In A Two-Fight Deal – Fury Accused Of ‘Ducking’

February 20, 2024
2 months
Jake Paul Offers Tommy Fury $20 Mill In A Two-Fight Deal - Fury Accused Of 'Ducking'

Jake Paul has given Tommy Fury an offer worth $20m for two fights, one of which includes an MMA bout.

Paul is seeking to avenge his only loss after he came second best to Fury via a split decision. That was Paul’s only bout against a professional boxer, but he did grab the highlight of the fight, dropping Fury with his jab. Since that loss, Paul bounced back from his defeat to beat Nate Diaz.

That created the momentum for Paul to face another professional boxer. He knocked out Andre August in the first round to beat his first professional boxer. The Problem Child will now take on Ryan Bourland on March 2nd, a former Golden Gloves Winner.

“I’ve always said my goal is to become a world champion. I beat a pro boxer in December in the first round, someone who’s been boxing their entire life, and what did I do next? I went straight back to camp to get ready to face my next opponent, a professional boxer who has twice as many professional fights under his belt than I do. It’s a new year, it’s an even better me, and I’m facing an even more experienced, seasoned boxer,” Paul revealed 

Jake Paul Offers Tommy Fury  Mill In A Two-Fight Deal - Fury Accused Of 'Ducking'
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Paul vs Fury

Provided he comes out victorious, the focus is on the Fury rematch. Paul previously stated Fury priced himself out of the rematch.

“I think he is a lot of things, one of which is not very serious about the fight and actually making it happen. And too unrealistic in terms of offers and finances. He thinks he’s his brother and his dad is delusional in terms of what he’s actually worth. And I can see how that happens, if they’re like, ‘Yo, Tyson Fury’s getting this, Tommy should be getting this.

“It’s like, no. That’s not how it works, brother. So it’s hard to get that across these hard-headed people who aren’t very good at business and don’t understand the way and the landscape of boxing. I think there’s a massive fear of, not only losing, but they’re just trying to be unrealistic about the numbers, which again, maybe, those two go hand in hand. We all know everyone tries to price themselves out if they don’t really want to fight and hide behind that. I think that’s where things are, but regardless, I’m on a different mission to become world champion,” Paul stated

Paul’s Offer

Now Paul is willing to face Fury in the PFL if he wins a boxing rematch. 

“He’s willing to fight him in boxing and if Jake wins, he’s willing to enter the SmartCage in the PFL with Tommy. There’s a path there where it’s $20 million in guaranteed money,” Paul’s business partner Nakisa Bidarain stated 

Fury has yet to respond to the offer, as he considers his next bout. But after having faced Paul and recently KSI, a Paul rematch is the only bout on offer that could generate a huge sum. There is no getting away from that. 

Fans React

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