Haney Rules Out A Garcia Rematch – ‘A Cheat, I Could’ve Lost My Life’

May 4, 2024
1 month
Haney Rules Out A Garcia Rematch

Devin Haney has no plans to rematch Ryan Garcia after his defeat, which was accompanied by King Ry’s positive VADA tests.

Haney was dropped three times on his way to a majority decision loss. However, because Garcia missed weight by 3.2 pounds over the 140-pound limit, Haney kept his WBC Junior Welterweight Title. Garcia later tested positive for Ostarine. A urine sample showed the substance on April 19 and April 20, the day of the fight.

Ostarine is known for burning fat, building muscle and increasing power. There are also reports that Garcia may have 19-Norandrosterone in his system, an anabolic-androgenic steroid. Garcia has denied any wrongdoing, calling it fake news. However, he has reportedly requested his B-sample to be tested. Haney has ruled out giving Garcia a rematch, with The Dream also ready to walk away. 

Haney On Garcia

“Honestly I’m not too interested in it. During the build-up we’ve seen a lot of interesting things from him. We’ve seen his character, we’ve seen the guy cheat, we’ve seen the person that he is. I don’t see myself ever getting back in the ring [with him], but I’m a fighter speaking right now about how I feel, we never know what the future holds.

“As of right now, it wouldn’t be a fight I would entertain. As I said, this guy showed his character, he showed that he would do anything to win, including cheat, that’s just reality. Boxing is just a sport at the end of the day. He put my life in jeopardy. So now it’s deeper than boxing with me. I wanna take this thing somewhere else now. He could’ve done some real dangerous things to me that night,” Haney said

Haney could change his mind depending on the outcome of Garcia’s response. If the boxer clears himself, Haney may want to avenge that defeat since the loss will be on his record. But as things stand now, Haney has grounds to request that it becomes a no-contest. The first positive finding occurred a day before the fight, April 19, giving team Haney legitimate grounds to overturn the result. If Garcia clears himself, then a rematch becomes even bigger. The build-up would still have questions over Garcia’s conduct since the substance was found in his system. Boxers are responsible for what they put in their body, meaning strict liability applies.


Conor Benn’s two failed VADA tests for Clomiphene showed the importance of testing. The boxer agreed a deal to fight Chris Eubank Jr. at a catchweight of 157 pounds. That was a career-low weight for Eubank. Benn claimed that he was innocent, first citing contamination. However, the failure to prove that resulted in a change of defense.

There has been no definitive answer from team Benn over whether Clomiphene was in his system or how it got there. Reports indicated Benn’s team based their defense on jurisdiction over whether UKAD could enforce VADA findings. Benn’s case is still ongoing, a situation which Garcia will want to avoid. That is why it is vital Garcia cooperates to get to the bottom of this and prove his innocence via evidence. There is a danger PED usage could tarnish the reputation of the sport and ward off fans. 


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