Garcia Humiliates Haney With A Diss Track – ‘Got That Haney Pack Going In My Lungs’

April 28, 2024
4 weeks
Garcia Humiliates Haney With A Diss Track

Ryan Garcia dropped a diss track called ‘Haney Pack,’ following his win over Devin Haney

Garcia shocked the world by giving Haney his first defeat, dropping him three times on his way to a majority decision win. It should have been a unanimous decision, only for one judge to score it 112-112. While Garcia did secure the win, there were some question marks over the win. He missed weight by 3.2 pounds over the junior welterweight limit. That meant Garcia was not eligible to win the world title.

However, the victory has elevated Garcia’s career, and he is making the most of his increased stardom. After his win, he was pictured smoking what appeared to be weed. The following clip shows Garcia in good spirits next to a member of his team as they discuss smoking a ‘Haney pack.’ Now, Garcia has taken the trolling to a new level, releasing the following diss track. 

Garcia’s Song

“They didn’t think that I would win. but I won. They didn’t think that I would win, but I won. I got in there and got the job done. I’m the best in the world, number one. Got that Haney pack going in my lungs. Really get that boy some beat, he my son. He was sleep on the ground, he did not respond kind. Come on, call an ambulance Bill,” Garcia’s song

Haney will have to live with the defeat for some time, given the pre-fight narrative that had been built up. Garcia and Haney faced each other six times in the amateurs. Their record stood at 3-3, with Garcia feeling confident about his chances. However, Haney was clear that he had improved more as a fighter, saying Garcia still made the same mistakes.

The fight was done without a rematch clause or a rehydration clause, meaning the winner had no excuses. Now that Garcia has come out on top, he has no plans to have a rematch. He has set his fights on fighting Gervonta Davis, Isaac Cruz or Sebastian Fundora. While that may be the case, Haney is still chasing a rematch. 

Haney’s Future

“First off, I wanna say… Alhamdulillah. Allah is the perfect planner, and I trust his plan no matter what. I came up short but this [is] boxing, and if anyone knows me, they know that I am a true competitor and always wanted to test my skills against the best fighters in the world. Ryan, despite the circumstances, was victorious that night, and that’s fine. I do feel like weight played a role in it but only Allah knows. I would love to run it back and give the fans a FAIR fight within an agreed weight,” Haney stated

The defeat has also had an impact on Bill Haney. There is speculation that Haney could seek a new trainer after Bill’s corner work was criticized. Devin was vocal in the corner, saying he was repeatedly getting hit by Garcia’s hook, which he could not avoid. And yet, there were no adjustments made, with Bill being scrutinized for not giving his son the appropriate advice. Now, that could have an impact on their working relationship while Garcia revels in the success. 


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