DAZN Leaks Paige VanZant’s Return; Will Box Elle Brooke

April 19, 2024
1 month
DAZN Leaks Paige VanZant's Return; Will Box Elle Brooke

Paige VanZant’s return to fighting is close, with suggestions that she will box Elle Brooke at Misfits 15 on May 25.

The revelation comes after DAZN appeared to accidentally leak her return during the broadcast of their final presser for Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia. The tweet below shows VanZant slated in for a May event. Neither boxer has announced the fight, leaving fans guessing until otherwise. 

VanZant’s last fight occurred at BKFC 19, where she lost to Rachel Ostovich. The defeat followed her poor run of form in the UFC. She lost three out of her last four UFC fights before leaving the organization in 2020. Her UFC career ended with a 5-4 record. 

VanZant entered the world of professional wrestling, making her doubt with AEW in 2022. A move into OnlyFans also followed that. However, she did tease recently that a boxing bout had been agreed. However, VanZant stayed silent on who the opponent could be. 

VanZant’s Return

“It was initially, the date they offered me was March 23, which was perfect. Hell yeah, I’ll get one more fight in before I turn 30, because I turn 30 [on] March 26. So I told my manager…yeah, I’ll take it. I’ll get back into boxing. I was just really excited. The opportunity was really cool.

“So it was perfect, eight-week camp, I don’t that long to stress or overthink, or anything like that, so that’s perfect. It turns out it’s not going to be March 23. After I accepted it, they’re like, you know what, we’re going to move it to [May or June]. I heard both dates, so once I have the full information, we’ll be able to release it on the podcast. Accepted a boxing match, that will be my next fight. It’s really, really exciting,” VanZant stated

Her opponent, Brooke, has a record of 4-1. Her last boxing bout was a win over AJ Bunker via a knockout. It was the second time that Brooke had beaten Bunker. At the same time, Brooke is one of the most popular female influencers. However, she did consider walking away from the sport.

Brooke’s Future

Before facing Bunker for a second time, Brooke took on Jully Poca. It was an exhibition bout, but Brooke was disappointed to lose a unanimous decision. She clarified that had she not beaten Bunker, she could have retired. The victory also meant Brooke was targeting the biggest fights, one name which included VanZant. 

“Am I now the Queen of Misfits now Astrid’s left? I just perform best on Misfits, I think it’s my issue for leaving you guys. I love my team so much and I’ve done so much. [And] I was definitely going to quit if I lost it, not even joking, so that’s a sign. [I want] A really huge fight like Paige VanZant or Ronda Rousey. Someone like that, but then in between I need that Astrid fight,” Brooke stated 


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