Paige VanZant Signs A Deal With Misfits; Still Sees Her Future In BKFC

May 1, 2024
4 weeks
Paige VanZant Signs A Deal With Misfits; Still Sees Her Future In BKFC

Paige VanZant has signed a deal with Misfits as she prepares to return to combat sports. 

VanZant has not fought since her BKFC 19 bout with Rachel Ostovich. She came up short, losing to her opponent, to continue a poor run of form. Before that, she lost her first bare knuckle bout to Britain Hart. While VanZant still has fights under her BKFC deal, her form declined. She had lost three of her previous four UFC bouts, leaving in 2020. She then signed with AEW in 2022.

Speculation over a comeback increased after DAZN appeared to have leaked her return. During their broadcast for the Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia presser, the tweet below showed VanZant facing Elle Brooke on DAZN’s upcoming schedule.

There was no official announcement from anyone to clear up that statement. However, VanZant has stated she has a deal with Misfits, as she will box the influencer Brooke. 

VanZant’s Return

“We’d been training for this. We kind of knew me boxing on Misfits was going to happen eventually. We got it all settled down and now I’ve got a boxing match coming up. Misfits actually signed me to a multi-fight contract. So I think there’s rumors they want me to fight again in Dubai, at one of their cards. I’m here to stay. Of course there’s other opportunities, I still definitely will be in BKFC.

“I absolutely love the promotion. I loved bare-knuckle boxing. So this is just another one of those boxing matches and it’s really, really exciting. Oh absolutely [I will fight in BKFC again], I believe I still have one more fight on my contract with them. They were nice enough to let me come do a boxing match with gloves on. I offered it to my opponent if she wanted to do bare-knuckle, she said no. So, BKFC will definitely see me again,” Vanzant stated

VanZant is in a position to secure the fights that she wants since money is not the primary factor. She admitted that she had earned more than she ever had done in her fight career when she joined OnlyFans. But after three years out of combat sports, VanZant is taking a huge risk. Brooke may be known for being an influencer. However, she has been more active of late. 

Brooke’s record stands at 4-1. She is coming off a win against AJ Bunker, whom she knocked out this year in January. The victory was her second over Bunker. The victory removed Brooks doubts, as she admitted that a loss could have seen her retire. However, the win allowed her to chase the biggest fights, with VanZant being on her hit list. 

“Am I now the Queen of Misfits now Astrid’s left? I just perform best on Misfits, I think it’s my issue for leaving you guys. I love my team so much and I’ve done so much. [And] I was definitely going to quit if I lost it, not even joking, so that’s a sign. [I want] A really huge fight like Paige VanZant or Ronda Rousey. Someone like that, but then in between I need that Astrid fight,” Brooke stated 


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