Crawford Mocks Danny Garcia And Keith Thurman For Begging Him To Fight Them

November 15, 2023
7 months

Danny Garcia is confident that a fight with Terence Crawford can be made. 

Garcia’s last fight was a majority-decision win over Jose Benavidez Jr. over a year ago. That was the boxer’s first fight at 154 pounds following his last fight against Errol Spence Jr. at 147.

And following Bud’s win over Spence where he became the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era, there is an expectation that Crawford will move up to 154. And if that does end up happening, Garcia is ready to take the fight. 

Garcia On Crawford

“I think it’s possible. I think it’s possible. We do got history. I think it’s more on my end. I gotta go out there and look good in my next fight. I definitely got the name but when I’m fighting somebody I wanna win. I’m not just coming for a check. So I wanna make sure I’m ready for whatever. When I win this next fight then I’ll be ready for whoever,” Garcia said 

And yet, the fact that Garcia does not possess a belt may hinder him. Crawford has spoken about wanting to become undisputed in a third weight class, which would rule out a Garcia fight. 

But before Garcia can even think about that, he has been linked with a fight against the WBA middleweight champion Erislandy Lara.

If the fight does get made, Garcia would have the chance to become a three-division champion having won belts at 140 and 147. So moving forward there is plenty on the line for Garcia. 

Crawford Responds

In the aftermath of that process, however, Crawford has ruled out fighting Garcia. This was on the grounds that Bud had been trying to secure the biggest fights prior to him becoming undisputed.

But since he had been pushed to one side, Bud made it clear that he had no intention of facing Garcia. The latter, though, appears unfazed by it all given the amount of money he has made in the sport. 

“All these fighters that was claiming to be they own bosses was hiding behind the term “call Al” (PBC boss Al Haymon). Now they talking like they can fight who ever they wan. Boy y’all some pawns go sit down. Y’all created a whole term “he on the wrong side of the street”. When in boxing have you ever heard some sit like that till I moved up?

“Did me dirty. Had all these people that don’t know anything about boxing all trying to discredit my accomplishments. He haven’t fought nobody. Lies. But not one wanted to be that so called somebody tho. They say the cream always rise to the top and it looks like I’m the last man standing. I know y’all mad about it but its not my plan this is Gods plan,” Crawford stated 

“I’m rich bro i don’t need to fight you. I been making millions. Plus i ain’t tryna pay all those sanction fees. I can use some of that money to buy more real estate,” Garcia said

Thurman On Crawford

Much in the same way, Keith Thurman is still desperate to secure a fight with Terence Crawford. Bud is currently expected to face Errol Spence Jr. in a rematch at 154 pounds after the latter exercised his rematch clause.

However, in the meantime, Thurman is willing to throw his name into the hat. Thurman’s last fight was against Mario Barrios all the way back in February 2022.

‘One Time’ has struggled to remain active with only three fights in four years. Although that may be the case, Thurman is a former unified welterweight champion, showing that he does have a huge pedigree.

And his only loss has come at the hands of the eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao, which is no shame. And given that Thurman is at the age of 34, he is targeting the biggest fights out there. 

“You’re legacy is your legacy. It’s already done. You made it; you did it. I was avoided before I had a title. Now that I don’t have a title, I’m avoided again. 

“I’m a threat. I’m the toughest fight that anybody can have at 147. I’m the fighter that said, ‘I got an O, and I’m not afraid to let it go.’ Keith Thurman ain’t never been defeated. I fought Manny Pacquiao one-handed,” Thurman 

“Do what you want to do with your career. Go after Canelo. Make history, be big…I’m still an active fighter. I still love looking for the best fights. It’s not my fault that you’re the best fight out there,” Thurman 

In response, Crawford has ruled out fighting Thurman. The undisputed champion at 147 highlighted how he had been avoided for so long during his time with Top Rank. And now that he is a free agent the tables have turned.

But rather than entertaining Thurman or anyone else for that matter, the boxer encouraged those chasing him to fight each other.