Woman Confused When Boyfriend Demands She Shower Twice Daily, Then She Meets His Mom

April 27, 2024
3 weeks

Lindsay felt really surprised when her boyfriend suddenly started saying she needed to shower more often. She didn’t understand why he was saying that, because she already took showers in the morning and before bed, just like most people do.

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Even though she tried her best, there was still this problem with her smelling bad that she couldn’t figure out or fix. She wondered if her boyfriend really understood how hard it was for her to deal with this issue.

How It Started

Lindsay and Chad had been dating for five months, but their relationship didn’t start off on the best foot. They first met at a friend’s birthday party, and Lindsay didn’t really like Chad at first because she thought he was a bit annoying.

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However, as they spent more time together and got to know each other better, Lindsay’s feelings towards Chad changed. She began to see that he was actually really nice and kind, and she started to like him more and more.

Hitting It Off

After that big moment, Chad plucked up his bravery and invited Lindsay on a date, which kicked off their first time hanging out together as a couple. Lindsay was really surprised because Chad acted like a real gentleman.

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As they spent more time together and became an official couple, Lindsay found out that Chad was not just nice, but super caring and thoughtful, which was even better than she hoped for. However, Chad started to notice something strange about her.

His Peculiar Habit

After several months of being together, Lindsay started to notice something strange about Chad. Whenever they were hanging out, he would often sniff the air a lot. This habit started to bug Lindsay because it seemed like he couldn’t help himself.

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Sometimes, he would ask her, “Do you smell that?” But most of the time, Lindsay couldn’t smell anything unusual. Chad would say things like, “It’s kind of musty,” which confused Lindsay even more because she couldn’t smell what he was talking about.

Growing Concern

In the weeks that followed, Chad seemed to become more and more worried about the strange smell. Lindsay could tell that he was getting more suspicious, and she realized that he was starting to think it might be coming from her.

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He didn’t come right out and say it, but he started dropping hints about keeping clean and taking more showers. This left Lindsay feeling really puzzled because she didn’t understand what could be causing the problem. She always made sure to keep herself clean, so she couldn’t figure out why Chad was acting this way.

Coming Forward

One day, Chad gathered up his bravery and decided to talk about something sensitive with Lindsay. “Hey, Lindsay, I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I’ve noticed a strange smell when we’re hanging out together.

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I think it might be coming from you. Maybe you could try showering more often, like twice a day, just until we figure out what’s going on,” he said carefully.

Confused and Embarrassed

Lindsay felt really surprised and a bit embarrassed by Chad’s sudden focus on her cleanliness. She couldn’t figure out why he was suddenly so interested in her hygiene when she always made sure to take care of herself.

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Feeling a bit ashamed and awkward, she started to worry if there might be something seriously wrong with her health causing the smell. Even though she tried really hard, she couldn’t find anything wrong and was left feeling confused by why Chad was so concerned.

Fixated on His Comments

In the days after Chad’s comments, Lindsay couldn’t stop thinking about what he said, and she started to doubt herself a lot. She felt less sure of herself and began looking everywhere for information about what might be causing the smell Chad mentioned. It was really hard for her to deal with all these thoughts, so she decided to talk to her best friend, Shiela, about it.

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She told Shiela everything that had happened, hoping that Shiela would understand and help her feel better. Lindsay was really upset and just needed someone to listen and support her through this tough time.

Comforting Words

Shiela’s reassuring words made Lindsay feel a lot better, bringing back memories of all the happy times they had spent together without worrying about bad smells. Wanting to clear things up, Lindsay chose to talk to her doctor.

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After a thorough check-up, the doctor said there wasn’t anything wrong with her health that could be causing the smell. Knowing this helped Lindsay feel less worried, as she realized she didn’t have a serious health problem after all.

Could He Be The Problem?

Feeling more confident after hearing from her doctor, Lindsay went to tell Chad that the doctor said she was healthy and didn’t have any problems that may be causing the smell. But Chad still thought there was a smell, and he didn’t change his mind.

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As Chad kept insisting on the smell, Lindsay began to wonder if maybe the problem was with him instead of her. Slowly, she started thinking that perhaps her hygiene wasn’t the issue after all.

Dinner Invitation

When Chad asked Lindsay to come over for dinner with his mom, she felt both excited and nervous. She was excited because it could bring them closer together, but she was also a little worried about meeting Chad’ mom for the first time.

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Deep down, though, she couldn’t shake off her concern about the smell problem and how it might affect their first-ever dinner together.

Showering with Perfume

As the evening drew near, Lindsay made sure to get herself ready carefully. She took two showers before going to Chad’s place, and she put on deodorant and her fanciest perfume, hoping it would cover up any smell.

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But she also knew inside that no matter how nice her perfume was, it couldn’t hide a smell that wasn’t there in the first place. Still, she stayed calm and felt confident that everything would be okay.

Warm Welcome

When Lindsay got to Chad’s house, his mom, Elsa, greeted her warmly. But as the evening went on, Lindsay noticed Elsa sniffing the air from time to time.

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This made Lindsay start to worry again, thinking maybe Chad had told his mom about the smell issue. But she wasn’t sure if Chad would actually talk to his mom about something so personal.

Feeling Anxious

Even though Lindsay tried to have a good time, she found it hard to focus and relax. She felt like everyone was watching her closely, looking for something wrong. This made her feel even more self-conscious, especially since she knew there wasn’t actually a smell.

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All this worry made her start to sweat, which just made her worry more because she thought it might make her smell worse. Her anxiety kept growing as the night went on.

An Unexpected Ally

Lindsay found an unexpected ally in Chad’s younger sister, Emily, who was lively and open. Seeing her brother and mom acting strangely, Emily wanted to figure out what was going on.

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So, when everyone was busy talking, Emily quietly came up to Lindsay. “Hey, don’t worry about them too much. They can be a little critical sometimes,” Emily whispered, giving Lindsay a comforting smile.

Private Conversation

As the night continued, Lindsay couldn’t ignore the time when Chad’s mom, Elsa, took him aside for a quiet talk. They glanced at Lindsay before looking away.

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This made Lindsay feel even more uncomfortable. What could they be talking about, and why were they looking at her? She wished she could just vanish into thin air.

Not Being Honest

When Chad came back to the table and sat down next to her, Lindsay felt the urge to ask about the quiet talk. She wanted Chad to make her feel better, so she asked him if everything was alright. He quickly sniffed the air before telling her that everything was fine.

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But Lindsay still had doubts. She didn’t think Chad was being completely honest, and she was sure they had been talking about her without including her. She felt really embarrassed and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Obvious Distress

Emily easily noticed that Lindsay looked upset. She understood that Lindsay was feeling anxious, so she wanted to help her feel better when she met everyone.

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Meeting your partner’s family for the first time can be tough. Lindsay seemed really worried, and Emily could tell that something was bothering her, although she didn’t know exactly what it was.

Doubting Herself

Blushing with embarrassment, Lindsay subtly moved her nose closer to her armpit, taking a careful sniff. All she could smell was her own perfume. Even though people around her said she smelled fine, she couldn’t shake off her doubts.

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What if they were just saying that to make her feel better? It made her feel sick to her stomach, but little did she know, Chad was behind all of this.

Sweating Profusely

Sweat dripped down Lindsay’s back and chest, making her even more uncomfortable in this already tense situation. Hearing people accuse her of smelling bad only made things worse.

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She felt dizzy as she looked at everyone sitting at the table. Were they all thinking about this? She just wanted to disappear and be alone for a while.

All Eyes On Her

Suddenly, she got up from her chair. Everyone looked at her, and she noticed her boyfriend and his mom exchanging strange looks. As she stood, she felt like she could smell the supposed odor in the air.

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But when she looked at the others at the table, they didn’t seem to notice anything wrong. Maybe they were just trying to be polite.

Excusing Herself

“I just need a minute, I’ll be back,” she whispered nervously. Emily, the young girl, looked worried as Lindsay quickly left the room.

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Walking down the hallway to the bathroom, Lindsay unbuttoned her jacket, feeling confused. She couldn’t understand what was happening; it was like nothing she’d ever experienced before.

Hygiene Problem

She had never dealt with a hygiene problem like this before, and facing it as a grown-up made her feel really embarrassed. She cared a lot about Chad and wanted to be perfect for him. Tears welled up in her eyes as she opened the bathroom door.

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If Chad’s mom could smell something, it must be coming from her. The fact that no one else mentioned it made her think they were just being polite. She had no idea what her new boyfriend was planning without her knowing, so she felt confused.

Sense of Urgency

Once inside, she quickly turned the lock, tears streaming down her face. Her coat slid off her shoulders and landed in a heap on the floor. Sweat soaked her clothes, and she felt a sense of urgency.

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Even though she couldn’t smell anything on herself, she knew there might still be a scent lingering. She looked around the small bathroom until her eyes landed on something that might help.

A Quick Bath

Taking the hand towel from the edge of the sink, Lindsay made it wet and then grabbed the hand soap. She squeezed a lot of soap onto the wet towel and started rubbing it vigorously.

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As she saw the soapy bubbles forming, Lindsay never thought she’d end up giving herself a quick wash during a party.

Refreshing Feeling

As she pressed the chilly towel against her skin, she winced at the cold. Slowly, she started cleaning her sweaty armpits and neck, moving down to her chest.

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The soap and water felt refreshing for a moment, even though she knew it probably wouldn’t solve her problem. Even though she showered many times each day, he still said she smelled bad.

Uncontrollable Tears

For a short while, she didn’t mind as tears streamed down her face, not worrying about her makeup getting messy. She just wanted a moment to release all her feelings. The strong urge to run away and not see anyone again took over her.

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The thought of embarrassing herself in front of the amazing Chad was really hard to handle. The night had been really awful for her.

Keeping It Together

Pausing for a moment, she turned the faucet on again and washed the soap out of the towel. Looking at herself in the mirror, she thought about what had happened.

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She saw sweat on her forehead and makeup smudges on her cheeks. She could see where tears had been. She didn’t want to risk embarrassing herself more by leaving the bathroom looking like this.

Ready To Face Them Again

Under the flowing water, she washed her face, feeling the embarrassment slowly fade away as the coolness touched her skin. The tears stopped, and she gently wiped off the makeup marks with the towel.

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Looking at herself in the mirror, she checked for any smell by cautiously smelling her armpits. Feeling relieved, she dried herself and took a deep breath, preparing herself to go out of the bathroom and face whatever was waiting for her.

Making Up An Excuse

She threw the towel into a laundry basket close by, wishing that her fast wash had worked. She hoped she wouldn’t see any more looks or hear any whispers between Chad and his mom.

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Her eyes were still a bit swollen, but she figured she could say her tears were because of allergies. Then she slowly walked back to the dining room…