John Fury Left Bleeding After Headbutting Team Usyk

May 13, 2024
1 week
John Fury Left Bleeding After Headbutting Team Usyk

John Fury suffered a big cut over his forehead after he head-butted someone from Oleksandr Usyk’s entourage. 

Fight week is here as Tyson Fury takes on Usyk for the Undisputed Heavyweight Title on May 18. Both sides are known for being masters of mind games. Both boxers are undefeated, with the winner going down as the best heavyweight of their era.

One will become the first undisputed champion since 1999. That is when Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield in their rematch. While the magnitude of the fight speaks for itself, John Fury sought to get into the head of team Usyk.

The video shows him shouting ‘We Are Spartans’ at Usyk’s team. He then squares up to someone from Usyk’s team, headbutts him, and walks away. However, John Fury was the one left bleeding, showing that his antics backfired. 

John Fury Reacts

Team Fury will hope this dies down. Tyson is on course to become the first heavyweight boxer to earn £500million. His biggest payday in his career has been around $80 million. That was for the Francis Ngannou fight, where he scrapped through with a split decision win.

Given that Fury was facing an MMA fighter making his boxing debut, he earned more than most boxers ever will for fighting someone new to the sport. The Usyk fight will be the first of two bouts, as a rematch clause is in place.

Bob Arum has previously said that Fury will earn over $100 million for the fights. That takes Fury into generational wealth, making him one of the richest fighters in the sport. Since boxing is a sport where fighters put their lives on the line, the Gypsy King is delighted with what he has managed to get out of it. 

Fury’s Wealth

“Happy days, with those fights I’ll become the first £500m heavyweight boxer in history. Look, this is an important fight but again, I hate to say it because the boxing fans and the boxing purists and all them…they don’t want to hear it, but why do you think I box?

“For the money. If anybody in this building, or anybody in professional boxing, tells me they don’t do this game for money, they’re lying to you, and I speak from the heart. I do it for the dough. The bigger the deal, the better. I’m a prize-fighting pugilist specialist. That’s what I do. I fight for the prize, whether it be gold bars, gold coins, cash, transfers, cars, whatever you want to pay me, pay me in bags of sand for all I care, as long as I can make a drink on it, deal done,” Fury said 

Fury has said he wants to fight ten more times. There are major fights still out there for him. He could box Anthony Joshua. That fight would sell out in Saudi and the UK, allowing both men to earn huge purses. There is also the possibility of fighting Deontay Wilder for a fourth time. While Fury leads the head-to-head with two wins and a draw, Wilder did show what he was about. He dropped Fury in the first and third fight. The Gypsy King could also run things back with Ngannou. Despite beating him via a split decision, some of the boxing community felt Ngannou had been hard done by. But before those things can be considered, Fury must get past Usyk.


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