Stevenson, Lopez & Kambosos Clash on Social Media

November 30, 2023
3 months
Stevenson, Lopez & Kambosos Clash on Social Media

Teofimo Lopez, Shakur Stevenson and George Kambosos Jr. traded verbal shots on social media in a series of tirades.

The dispute started after Lopez reacted to Stevenson’s victory over Edwin De Los Santos. The performance lost Stevenson a lot of support, given that he had been booed throughout the fight. Shakur’s decision to fight off his jab without pressing the action did not sit well with fans, as he was booed even after grabbing the WBC lightweight belt. The performance reduced the chances of Stevenson securing the big fight at 135, given his inability to sell and appeal to the wider fanbase. And given that Lopez was on hand to see the performance after having attended to support Shakur, he had a few choice words to say about it.

Lopez Reacts

“I don’t know. Do you still want to see a $4 million man put your a** to sleep? Of course, I’m talking about Shakur. If you want to see entertainment, then pay the man for entertainment,” Lopez

Those comments got the attention of Stevenson, who called out Lopez for being disingenuous since he had been there to support him initially as both fighters exchanged words. 

“These dudes so shiest be in yo face one min like they yo man’s and s**t but talk crazy bout u to the next ni**a then in reality they forget they bad nights they lose,” Stevenson

“Nah. It’s different once you sized me at the locker room. I was just trying to support you on your night! Yet, you were focused on me. But don’t stress it. Me and J da pinky are good business men. Happy Holidays champ! @ShakurStevenson,” Lopez 

Stevenson Fires Back

But that was not the last of it. Stevenson responded by highlighting Lopez’s performance against George Kambosos Jr, which resulted in the latter causing a huge upset to become the unified lightweight champion. In the aftermath of the loss, Lopez hit out at DAZN, as well as claiming that he had won the fight. And those perceived excuses were brought up by Stevenson. 

“Nah I’m talking bout that asthma u had when Kambosas bum a** was punching yo face in and u couldn’t breathe or the time when u fought Sandor Martin and had to ask yourself “do I still got it?” U weird ass n***as stay out my face rs and there won’t ever be no issues,” Stevenson 

Kambosos Responds

The latter comments got the attention of Kambosos, who responded to Stevenson after suggestions that his hand injury had been used in the aftermath to downplay the criticism that was coming his way. 

“Bum a**! You flop! Don’t be bringing me into your twitterson beefs, both of y’all, I got ammo today. Asthma. A great excuse just like your supposed hand, don’t start me little man, You a nobody now. 4800 people at your fight, half walked out in rd 9, the other half where,” Kambosos 

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