Ryan Garcia Fires Back At Critics Of Shoulder Roll, Vows To Hone Skills With Floyd Mayweather’s Guidance

February 2, 2024
4 weeks
Ryan Garcia Fires Back at Critics of Shoulder Roll, Vows To Hone Skills With Floyd Mayweather's Guidance

Ryan Garcia has hit back at criticism over his shoulder roll, stating that he intends to develop it under Floyd Mayweather

Garcia utilized it when facing Oscar Duarte, his first fight under Derrick James. While Garcia secured the stoppage, his shoulder roll divided many people. At times, Garcia appeared to succeed with it, deflecting and blocking Duarte’s punches. But on other occasions, Garcia found himself square on, getting tagged with shots. 

Derrick James told Garcia to stop the shoulder roll, showing his trainer disapproved of it. And yet, Garcia’s decision to spend time with Floyd Mayweather may have influenced him. They were seen at a shopping mall and going on a late-night jog. Garcia followed that up by expressing his admiration for Mayweather. 

Garcia On Mayweather

“Floyd is mentoring me, And I love and respect him, he is so authentic so stop judging him. Judging a book by its cover will stop you from reading but Derrick James is my coach, and I love him to…I want to say this about @floydmayweather you guys don’t know him and most of you will never. But he is authentic has a good heart and extremely generous. Stop playing with him he will always win. HES 50-0,” Garcia revealed 

Now, Garcia has stated he has plans to improve that aspect of his game. 

Ryan Garcia Fires Back at Critics of Shoulder Roll, Vows To Hone Skills With Floyd Mayweather's Guidance
Credit Golden Boy Promotions

“I’mma have Floyd train me on doing it. He told me was going to train me on how to do the shoulder roll. Anyway, Floyd told me, ‘You have my word I’mma teach you it (shoulder roll) more. And I said, ‘oh ,we’re gonna do a video.’ At the end of the day, he told me my shoulder roll was good.

“He was like I don’t see no problem with it. That’s the people talking because they’ve never seen a Mexican do the shoulder roll. You see a Mexican [do it], ‘Hey it don’t even look right.’ I don’t care, I’m doing it. The shoulder roll is a beautiful thing and Mayweather is super good at it and so is James Toney,” Garcia said 

Haney On Garcia

Devin Haney was another critic of Garcia’s shoulder roll, as he mocked his skills after they reentered negotiations for a fight. Garcia first withdrew from talks to pursue a fight with Rolando Romero. Garcia stated it was the better business move, thinking he could fight Haney in a much bigger unification. The talks with Romero broke down as Rolly signed to face Isaac Cruz. That left Garcia going back to Haney with a stain on his reputation. Haney responded by stating he would dismantle Garcia’s shoulder roll. 

“I’m going to beat the shoulder roll out of you on April 20th,” Devin Haney stated 

Garcia may have his critics, but he has shown that he will make decisions on his own accord despite the background noise coming his way. Now, he must deliver in the ring. Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on boxingnews.com.