Ryan Garcia Urged To Pull Out Of Haney Fight – ‘He’s Publicly Said He Smokes Weed’

March 11, 2024
1 month
 Ryan Garcia Urged To Pull Out Of Haney Fight - 'He's Publicly Said He Smokes Weed'

 Ryan Garcia should pull out of his fight with Devin Haney

That is according to former boxer Duke Mckenzie. Garcia’s mental health has been discussed heavily during the build-up to the fight. The boxer first raised concerns when he stated he was ‘high as f**k.’ Those comments were made to a fan during a Live Space interaction when Garcia was asked how his training was going.

Garcia then admitted he was smoking weed and drinking, raising more concerns that he was not preparing for the fight. His social media activity then raised further alarm. The boxer has posted about a variety of topics, including human trafficking and even claiming he had been raped. While Garcia has not shown any evidence of his claims, McKenzie felt the boxer should put himself first by pulling out of the fight. 

Mckenzie On Garcia

“I think Ryan Garcia is walking a very fine line. He could go either way, to be honest with you. I think when you’re a world champion, you have to carry yourself as a world champion. I don’t really see that in Ryan Garcia’s makeup right now. He’s publicly said he smokes weed, drinks alcohol and gets drunk regularly. These aren’t the sort of sort of traits you would expect of a world champion. These are the traits of somebody who’s clearly on the edge. They should pull him out. Somebody should pull him out. Somebody should say to him, ‘Ryan, you’re not in any fit state to fight right now,” Mckenzie said 

If Garcia were to pull out, there is no guarantee that he would return to the sport. The boxer had already left the sport for around two years with mental health issues. But now that he has returned, he made it clear that he has dealt with those problems. Garcia also has the opportunity to win his first world title. 

Thurman On Garcia

By withdrawing, Garcia is not guaranteed to get a title shot. He had already pulled out of talks to fight Haney by trying to make a bout with Rolando Romero. The Romero fight broke down, so Garcia returned to face Haney. But some things are bigger than boxing. Keith Thurman was also clear that Garcia should put his well-being first. 

“I just hope that he gets the help that he needs. Of course, nobody wants him to pull out of the fight, but I would have to say that right now it’s not the time.  Right now, if he’s not desperate for the paycheck, you might want to think about your own health and wellness and come back to the sport at another time. If this is just a small hiccup, then get it together, kid, and get ready to put on a world-class performance for the fans to see,” Thurman stated

Garcia has reassured fans that the fight will go ahead. The only way to know if Garcia is ready is to see him in the ring. Unless he puts in a competitive performance, the boxer may not be at the level needed to win a world title.

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