PFL’s Donn Davis Is Open To Signing Conor McGregor – ‘We’re Ready’

March 22, 2024
3 weeks
PFL's Donn Davis Is Open To Signing Conor McGregor - 'We’re Ready'

PFL Chairman Donn Davis is ready to sign UFC star Conor McGregor if he becomes available.

McGregor’s future remains uncertain. He has not been in the Octagon since his 2021 loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. The Irishman broke his leg as he underwent extensive rehabilitation. He is determined to make his comeback this year, but so far, nothing has materialized. On New Year’s Day, McGregor stated that he would fight Michael Chandler on June 29.

Dana White shut that down, saying he wanted to see McGregor have a full training camp. He also blamed McGregor’s huge net worth for the possible delay in not having motivation. But recently, McGregor stated that he is on course to return in the summer. However, once again, the UFC has remained silent on the matter. McGregor may have two fights left on his UFC deal, but Davis was looking for the chance to get McGregor.

Davis On McGregor

“Well, not addressing Conor per se, just addressing any fighter. You know, whether it’s Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, anybody. The market understands that we now have the capital to do anything, anything. The market understands that our desire to think differently is unlimited and the market understands that our partners want to stage the biggest fights in the world, beyond anything that’s been done.

“So, we don’t need anything that we don’t have to make the biggest fights happen, with the biggest fighters, on the biggest stage. So, anybody that is interested, whenever they’re available, we’re ready. We’re the most creative, and the most aggressive, and we’re the most interested. So, that applies across the board [not just to McGregor],” Davis said

White On McGregor

The PFL has shown it is willing to sign the big names. It has managed to snap up Francis Ngannou, Claressa Shields, and Amanda Serrano. The PFL also offered Nate Diaz $15 million to fight Jake Paul in MMA. While McGregor’s future is in the air, Dana White said the Irishman’s obligations outside the Octagon were hindering things.

McGregor has recently been promoting his new film, Road House. It was the Irishman’s first venture into acting. However, given the positive reviews, McGregor is willing to pursue further roles. White blamed those obligations as a reason why McGregor’s next fight date was not announced.

“There’s no lack of communication, not at all. You know where Conor is tonight? He’s in New York City for the premiere of Road House. He has obligations right now, to promote this movie. So he’s been flying all over the world going to all of the premieres of the launch of this movie. This is an obligation that he has to do.

“100% [I’m looking out for him], 100%. It is what it is. He committed to this movie, he has obligations for this movie. He can’t do both. So once this movie launches, which is Thursday. This thing launches Thursday the 21st and boom. I don’t know what his obligations are once it launches, but then Conor can get back in the gym and start training. Like, full-time, getting ready for a camp. Tell me if I’m wrong. Once you start to make a lot of money, you’re not as hungry as you were before, and it is hard to get in the gym,” White stated 


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