Mike Perry Warns Jake Paul – ‘I’ll Hurt him, He’ll Cry, Run Away And Cower’

March 27, 2024
2 months
Mike Perry Calls Out Jake Paul - 'I’ll Hurt him, He’ll Cry, Run Away And Cower'

Undefeated BKFC fighter Mike Perry has called out Jake Paul.

Perry’s comments come as Paul prepares to face Mike Tyson on July 20. Much has been said about the fight, with serious question marks over whether it should go ahead. Tyson will be 58 at the time of the fight. He has not had a bout since facing Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition. There are reports that they may not be able to get the fight sanctioned as a professional bout.

Paul is 28, meaning he has a considerable age advantage. Despite the criticism, both fighters have begun training for the bout, meaning it will likely get sanctioned. Perry has reacted, stating he wants to face Paul in MMA.

The Problem Child does have a PFL deal, meaning he will eventually make his MMA debut. He called out Nate Diaz for an MMA bout after beating him in boxing. Diaz did not take up the $10 million offer, but Perry is ready to step in if needed.

Perry Calls Out Paul

“In BKFC? Jake Paul. If he hurts Mike Tyson, let me get that, bro. Yes, but he’s not doing bareknuckle. But I wouldn’t put it past Jake Paul because he’s been doing stuff that people would say he’s afraid of and things like that. And that’s partly what drew me to bareknuckle was that so many were worried about it, or afraid of it, and I’m like, ‘It seems real to me.

“So Jake, man, definitely issuing you a challenge: If you get through Mike Tyson, test yourself for real and let’s have a street fight. Yeah, he’s got some (talent), but I’d like to say I’m beating him as fast as he’s beating these taxi drivers, especially bareknuckle. I’ll hurt him, and he’ll cry and run away and cower in the corner in the fetal position,” Perry said

Haney Reacts

While Paul may be criticised, Devin Haney has credited the Problem Child. He praised Paul for building his brand and securing some huge events. His fight with Tommy Fury sold over 800,000 PPVs. The bout with Nate Diaz did 450,000 buys. That has made Paul a draw since he can generate big paydays. His fight with Mike Tyson is likely to do the same. Tyson’s last bout with Roy Jones did over a million PPV buys. Haney had respect for the impact Paul had made.

“We know what type of fighter Jake Paul is. Jake Paul is an influencer, but he brings a lot of eyeballs to the sport of boxing. That’s what he does. He makes the biggest events happen in boxing. That’s a big event. The world knows what kind of fight it is, and we know why he’s doing it, but you cannot knock Jake Paul. That’s why he got into it. That’s what he does. I think it’s an exhibition match. They’ll go in there and have some fun, make a lot of money, and make it make sense for each other,” Haney stated


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