Conor McGregor Drops Diss Track On Musician Akon For Getting His X Account Suspended

November 24, 2023
8 months
Conor McGregor Drops Diss Track On Musician Akon For Getting His X Account Suspended

Conor McGregor has slammed musician AKON after the latter issued a copyright claim that resulted in his account on X being suspended.

McGregor’s comments arrived after he had made the following post below in which he was singing the following song, ‘Locked Up,’ by Akon. In a post that seemed light-hearted in nature, the ‘Notorious’ did not expect to see his account being suspended. In the video below, McGregor can be seen singing the song for around 30 seconds after which the copyright claim was issued.


“I’m steady trying to find the motive. Why do I do what I do? The freedom isn’t getting any closer, no matter how far I go. My car is stolen, no registration. Cops are patrolling and now they’ve stopped me and I get locked up. They won’t let me out, they won’t let me out, I’m locked up. They won’t let me out, no, they won’t let me out. They won’t let me out, I’m locked up, they won’t let me out, no, they won’t let me out,” lyrics

And once the dust had settled down somewhat, McGregor hit back at the singer.

“Akon, what’s wrong, I was only signing the song. It wasn’t even that long. You need to take a chill pill or a hit of the bong, Song’s out years, Donkey Kong. In the back of the ranch, they weren’t expecting me own little song. Little rapper from the flat, his name was Panch,” McGregor said

McGregor’s Rant

That was not the only issue that had riled McGregor up. The MMA fighter was also unhappy about the potential decision of the Irish government to extend voting rights to everyone regardless of their visa status in the country. This followed after Conservative politician, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, had called for it.

McGregor took issue with the statement, given that it could potentially impact elections massively since it could lead to more vested interests getting involved in politics, much to the detriment of the ordinary citizen. While it is not clear if this policy will end up being implemented, one thing for sure is that McGregor was not happy about it as he had a few choice words in response.

“Imagine a mega power nation allowing this absolute foolishness. Imagine the United States! This is the most preposterous, ridiculous, scheming attempt at gaining votes this government has attempted yet. A real showing of the lack of care they have for the common Irish citizen. As it stands they do not have my vote. Shame on them. US allows non residents to vote? Visitors can vote? I can fly in now and register a vote in the United States elections? Surely not. However, Ireland’s current government is proposing this. A disgrace! A shame! Hang their heads in shame,” McGregor stated

Inside the octagon, however, the MMA fighter is expected to make his return next year following his USADA enrolment. And with Michael Chandler expected to be the opponent, all eyes will be on the fighter to perform. And after having been out of the cage since his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021, will McGregor be the same? After all, his antics outside of the octagon may not help his aspirations to become world champion once again.

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