Kayla Harrison Responds To Cris Cyborg Training With Holly Holm – ‘Go Home, Nobody Cares’

March 13, 2024
1 month
Kayla Harrison Responds To Cris Cyborg Training With Holly Holm - 'Go Home, Nobody Cares'

Kayla Harrison has reacted to Cris Cyborg’s training with Holly Holm

Harrison will face Holm at UFC 300 after she left the PFL to join the UFC. Kayla takes on Holm, the former UFC Bantamweight Champion. That ended any hopes of a fight between Cyborg and Harrison. There were reports that a fight was close in 2021 when Harrison could have joined Bellator.

That never happened, as she chose to stay with the PFL. However, following the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator, there was renewed optimism that the fight could happen. But once again, it never went through, with Cyborg claiming Harrison rejected the chance to fight. 

“I am disappointed to hear that after @PeteMurrayPFL offered me the date and location for a fight against @KaylaH and after we accepted the bout that she has now declined the offer,” Cyborg said

But now Cyborg is working with Holm, which has gotten Harrison’s attention. 

Harrison Reacts

“She just loves to stir the f****** pot, doesn’t she? Go home already, nobody cares,” Harrison stated

Harrison must forget about Cyborg if she is to beat Holm. The former PFL fighter faces a challenging task, given that the fight takes place at bantamweight. Harrison is known for fighting at 155 pounds, with one bout at featherweight, which she has done for most of her career.

This has led to suggestions that she may struggle to make the weight. But if she does come out victorious, she could put herself in the conversation for fighting for a world title. But before she can consider those possibilities, her focus is on Holm.

“I don’t use the word legend lightly, but I think Holly is very much a legend in the sport. She’s been in the top 10 for years now, been a former champ. I didn’t come over here to just see how I can do and fight amongst everyone. I’m here to come over and win a UFC title and finish my career on top. So Holly’s a good start to that,” Holm added

Shevchenko On TUF 32

Elsewhere, Valentina Shevchenko is fully focused on her role as a coach in the new series of The Ultimate Fighter 32. Shevchenko will take on Alexa Grasso in a re-run of their rivalry in the Octagon. They have fought twice, Grasso winning the first bout at UFC 285 to win the UFC Flyweight Title. The rematch ended in a split draw after Mike Bell scored the last round 10-8 for Grasso in a controversial end. However, Shevchenko’s focus was on giving her team the best chance of winning.

“If I want my fighters, my team, to be the winners, I have to bring them the best coaches. Not all former fighters or active fighters are the best coaches. They might perform good, but they cannot teach. I have to focus on having the best teachers, the best coaches. This is the strategy. I don’t want to just show myself. I’m here not for myself. If I was just here for myself, of course, I’d take a picture or something like that. I just care about team. I’m here for my team,” Shevchenko said

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