Haney And Garcia Avoid Face-Off During Final Presser

April 18, 2024
1 month
Haney And Garcia Avoid Face-Off During Final Presser

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia’s final presser took place in the run-up to their April 20 clash. 

The Dream makes the first defense of his WBC Junior Welterweight Title, which he acquired from Regis Prograis in his last fight. Garcia is coming off an eight-round TKO win over Oscar Duarte in his last fight. Both boxers have divided the fanbase because of their behavior during the build-up, contributing to poor ticket sales at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. 

Garcia’s social media activity has created a narrative that he is not focused on the fight. He has also admitted to smoking weed and drinking alcohol; he undertook a mental health evaluation from the New York State Athletic Commission.

While he was cleared to box, Haney’s behavior has also crossed the line. He pushed Garcia during their face-off at the Empire State Building, as both men were banned from throwing the first pitch at the Mets games against the Pirates.

Pre-Fight Comments

“The interpretations of other people – that’s on them. I know I am training hard. I am feeling great and looking good in the gym; people just need to look at the facts. I don’t regret anything I said or did in the lead-up to this fight. I’m just ready to kick ass on April 20.

“I know I can say a lot, but I know I need to show it. You won’t hear from any trainer out there that I don’t train hard. To me, it’s very disrespectful to dismiss all the hard work I have done since I was a young boy coming up. I have been training since I was seven-years-old. It’s a slap in the face to all the work me and my family did,” Garcia

“I have respect for Ryan. We shared the ring six times as kids. We came up together. However, over the last few days, I have lost a lot of respect for him because 1—we have a fight. Look at how much media is here to watch us. I am a true professional in everything that I do,” Haney

Both boxers avoided a face-off, but Haney and Garcia had plenty to say during their final presser. 

Key Moments

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