Golden Boy Promotions’ Brand At Risk – Ryan Garcia And Canelo Alvarez To Blame?

May 3, 2024
3 weeks
Golden Boy Promotions' Brand At Risk

Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions is in danger suffering a bit hit to its brand. 

Their biggest star Ryan Garcia was found to have tested positive for Ostarine in two urine samples. The tests occurred on the day before and on the fight date, reducing the impact of Garcia’s win over Devin Haney. Golden Boy has responded by putting out a statement in support of Garcia, who maintains his innocence.

However, the picture does not look good. Ostarine is known for increasing endurance, stamina and muscle growth. Since Garcia missed weight by over 3.2 pounds, there are suggestions he could have taken a substance to try and reduce fat, something which Ostarine can do. If Garcia is found, the result could be overturned, getting him banned in the process. And yet, Golden Boy is defending Garcia. 

Golden Boy On Garcia

“Ryan has put out multiple statements denying knowingly using any banned substances — and we believe him. We are working with his team to determine how this finding came to be and will address this further once we conclude that process,” Golden Boy said

Garcia’s failed test is damning in light of De La Hoya’s recent actions. Prior to the news coming out, he fired verbal shots at Canelo Alvarez during the Jaime Munguia. He reminded Alvarez how Golden Boy helped build his career, telling Canelo to put some ‘respect’ on his same. He also referenced Canelo’s prior failed tests. Alvarez was not happy. He accused Canelo of trying to steal money from him. He and De La Hoya almost squared up, ready to throw punches. 

“I was ready, clenched fists and all. Obviously, he’s not going to do anything. He’s got a fight Saturday. He can’t take the truth. A fighter like that can’t have me around because the attention is diverted off him. He hates that. I know how to get under his skin,” De La Hoya stated

“He insulted me and I don’t want to permit that. I will [punch him]. If he came closer, I punch him. He’s a f****** a**hole. If he came really close to me,. I’d punch him in that situation,” Canelo revealed 

Golden Boy’s Future

If Munguia loses and Garica is banned, De La Hoya’s stable will look a lot less attractive for other fighters to sign. Defending Garcia is the wise move for now since the news is fresh. However, Garcia must cooperate with the commissions to avoid facing backlash like Conor Benn had done. Benn failed two VADA tests for Clomiphene.

There were mixed narratives over the tests, with Benn claiming contamination before reports stated his defense was based on jurisdictional grounds, that being whether UKAD could enforce VADA. Since Benn’s case is still ongoing, the lack of transparency to the public has not helped him or his promoter Eddie Hearn. Garcia and De La Hoya must avoid doing the same since King Ry was said to be the ‘face of boxing’ following the Haney win. But based on team Haney’s reaction, Golden Boy could be in a for tough period. 

“It’s unfortunate Ryan cheated and disrespected both the fans and the sport of boxing by fighting dirty and breaking positive not once, but twice. Ryan owes the fans an apology, and by his recent tweet he still thinks this is a joke. We put our lives on the line to entertain people for a living. You don’t play boxing. This puts the fight in a completely different light. Despite the disadvantage, I still fought on my shield and got back up. People die in this sport. This isn’t a joking matter,” Devin Haney said

“You trying to hurt my baby. We played it fair. We didn’t do it like that…I came from the streets. You scared of Devin on a level playing field,” Bill Haney stated 


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