Haney Accuses Garcia Of Cheating; Fans Roast Him – ‘An Excuse, Ryan Whooped You’

April 25, 2024
4 weeks
Haney Accuses Garcia Of Cheating; Fans Roast Him - 'An Excuse, Ryan Whooped You'

Devin Haney has spoken out after his loss to Ryan Garcia, blaming the weight for his defeat.

The clash was meant to occur at the 140-pound limit, as Haney made weight. However, Garcia turned up 3.2 pounds over the weight limit. The two boxes agreed that if Garcia exceeded the weight limit, he would pay Haney $500,000 for every pound he went over. Therefore, Garcia paid Haney $1.5 million as the fight went ahead.

Things did not go right for Haney, as Garcia dropped him three times on his way to a majority decision victory. After the fight, there were suggestions that Garcia’s extra weight was why Haney could not deal with the power. Ryan later admitted that he planned to come in over the weight since he did not want to drain himself. Since Haney is known for cutting down from over 160 pounds, there was a perception that he had weakened himself to meet the limit. Now that the dust has settled, he blamed Garcia for having an advantage, as he called for a rematch on ‘fair’ terms. 

Haney On Garcia

“Ryan, despite circumstances, was victorious that night, and that’s fine. I do feel weight played a role in it. I would love to run it back and give the fans a FAIR fight within an agreed weight,” Haney said

Nevertheless, it is important to consider the following points. Haney agreed to accept the monetary compensation, meaning there were no longer any excuses he could put forward. The boxer could have easily made Garcia weigh in the morning after, stating that he had to lose a certain number of pounds. There is also the argument that Haney weighed more than Garcia on fight night.

Garcia’s father, Henry Garcia, stated that he was 15 pounds heavier in the ring than his son. The Dream has been accused of being a weight bully, as he rehydrated to 165 pounds for his fight against Regis Prograis. Regis reacted to his defeat, stating it was karma because Haney had been a weight bully against other fighters. He also accused Haney of imposing a rehydration clause on him when they boxed each other, as Haney won by a unanimous decision.

Haney vs Romero

Haney is unlikely to get the rematch since Garcia stated he will look elsewhere. If that is the case, then Floyd Mayweather has suggested a proposal. He wants Haney to box Rolando Romero in their next fight. Both boxes are coming off stoppage losses. Romero lost to Isaac Cruz when he was stopped in the eighth round. The match-up does not favor Haney if Romero can land a punch since he is known for having power. However, Romero is equally susceptible to losing, given the manner in which Cruz repeatedly hit him. But with Romero unlikely to respect Haney’s power, it may be an intriguing fight. 

“I’m trying to make the Rolly and Devin. That’s what I’m trying to find out,” Mayweather stated


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