Jake Paul Slammed For Wanting To Take Mike Tyson’s Life – ‘Shame On Him, Boxers Die Every Year’

May 16, 2024
2 weeks
Jake Paul Slammed For Wanting To Take Tyson's Life - 'Shame On Him, Boxer Die Every Year'

Jake Paul has been criticized for saying someone may have to die in his fight with Mike Tyson on July 20. 

There are already worries over the fight after it was professionally sanctioned. Tyson will be 58 when he enters the ring against the younger Paul at 28. Tyson’s last time in the ring was a 2020 exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. His last pro fight, however, was back in 2005 when he lost to Kevin McBride. Paul has boxed much more recently. Last December, he stopped Andre August in the first round. He followed up that victory with another first-round stoppage in March. Paul talked about his confidence, saying he would do anything to get a win, even potentially taking Tyson’s life. 

Paul’s Comments

“As soon as it turned into a pro fight, one of us has to die,” Paul said

Recent events have shown how dangerous the sport can be. Middleweight boxer Sherif Lawal died at 29 following his pro debut against Malam Valera on May 12. Lewal hit the canvas in round four after Valera landed a right hand to the temple. The referee waived the fight off. Lewal’s trainer, CJ Hussein, and the ringside doctor rushed to the fighter. He received CPR and was taken to Northwick Park Hospital. Sadly, the boxer was pronounced dead. Bisping was critical of Paul’s comments. 

“It’s unbelievably sad. This was his pro debut – he has died while chasing his dream. His fight was first on the card, but the event was cancelled and the remaining three fights scrapped after Sherif was taken to hospital. That tells you how serious it was. He was hurt at the end of round three. [Lawal] then came out for the fourth and final round with his guard up, and took a right to the temple.

“He dropped to his haunches and the referee started a count to ten – but then stopped and waved it off because he could see Sherif was in a bad way. Doctors arrived and worked on him in the ring for about 20 minutes, including CPR and the use of a defibrillator. This was in front of a packed house, and everyone was in total shock. Sherif was then taken away on a stretcher before news came through later that he had passed away,” Witness stated

Bisping was critical of Paul’s comments. 

Bisping On Paul

“Shame on him for saying that. Shame on him for saying that and taking these words so lightly because the reality is a lot of boxers die every single year. It’s not a game that you play, you don’t pick it up and put it down, you’re not a part-time boxer, okay. This is a real sport, a deadly sport, one of the most vicious and it’s a sport where a lot of people die every year,” Bisping revealed


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