Gane Recalls His House Being Burgled, Gane Rules Out The Aspinall Fight

November 15, 2023
4 months

Ciryl Gane recalled his house being burgled while he was facing Serghei Spivac.

Gane’s time in the cage was a success, as he put behind his loss to Jon Jones by stopping Spivac in just two rounds. And given that it was in front of his fans in France, the victory was extra special.

However, as per the French newspaper Le Parisian, Gane’s apartment was burgled. Some of the items that were allegedly stolen included a Rolex watch, as the total amount stolen amounted to $161,951.

But given that the person responsible has not been found, it has understandably been a very difficult time for the MMA fighter. 

Gane On His Burglary

“My wife saw that at first, because he did it around 8 p.m. [right before the fight], and so she went to the babysitter, she dropped the girls [off] and she came back, and when she came back she found all of the [chaos] at the home. But she keep that [to herself], and after, when we went to bed after the fight, she told me unfortunately. But she did really good because I saw nothing, I saw nothing about [it before the fight],” Gane stated

Despite that being the case, Gane recognized that this is a consequence of his popularity growing. Although he has been grateful for the increased support that he has been shown, he did admit that the exposure is starting to impact him somewhat.

But in order to prevent something similar like this happening again, Gane revealed that he has taken some measures in response. 

“This is can be really traumatizing for the girls if they [saw it happening]. You get hurt sometimes, [there are] some stories about that. It’s not fun. It’s really not fun. So, yes, my wife has some traumatizing [aftereffects from the break-in], but she’s OK, and we’re going to fix that,” Gane

Gane Rules Out Aspinall

Meanwhile, Gane also opened up about his future moving forward in the cage. He has been linked with a fight against Tom Aspinall as the latter’s attempt to fight Jon Jones has not been successful.

Following Aspinall’s win over Marcin Tybura, the former wanted to face the winner of Ciryl Gane vs. Serghei Spivac. And given that Gane came out victorious, Aspinall wanted to make it happen. However, Gane was not interested in bringing it about. 

“I know a lot of people talk about Aspinall but that doesn’t make sense for me. With my management, they did a really great job all my career, that’s why it was so fast. Now, I just want to go to the belt. I’m the number one contender, he’s number four, it doesn’t make sense. I just went down, I did it already, it was a big risk. Now, I don’t want to have another risk. I’m going to stay here for a long time. So, we will have time for Tom Aspinall for sure, it’s going to come,” Gane stated

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