Fury Vs. Usyk May Not Happen – ‘No Guarantees, Fury Has Withdrawn Four Times’

March 28, 2024
2 weeks
Fury Vs. Usyk May Not Happen - 'No Guarantees, Fury Has Withdrawn Four Times'

Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter, Alex Krassyuk, has doubts about whether the Tyson Fury fight will go ahead.

The undisputed heavyweight fight has been delayed on more than one occasion since a deal was signed. The duo were set to face off in December last year. But Fury’s tough win over Francis Ngannou meant that it was rescheduled for February 17. Before the fight, Fury promised his fans that the fight was going ahead, saying Usyk could get sued if he pulled out.

But the Gyspy King withdrew, only to do the same thing again for the new date. The WBC Heavyweight Champion suffered a big cut in sparring, which required extensive stitches, resulting in the fight being rescheduled for May 18. Turki Alalshikh responded that either fighter would be fined $10 million if they pulled out. But Krassyuk was still sceptical about the fight going ahead.

Fury vs Usyk

“I have no guarantees the first fight ever takes place. The man [Tyson Fury] has withdrawn four times in a row already. We have even decided to stop all the jokes and criticism towards Luke [Fury] to support his confidence. So, if there is anything else we can do to help him get in the ring with Usyk, we are ready to do that,” Krassyuk said 

Those comments must be read in light of the following factors. Fury has a history of pulling out and failing to give Wladimir Klitschko a rematch. A rematch was in place, only for Fury to get injured and then retire. The boxer would suffer from mental health issues, as fans never got the chance to see a re-run.

Usyk’s former coach, James Ali Bashir, is also concerned the fight will not go ahead. Ali’s comments were about Fury’s cut potentially opening up. He believed the cut needed more time to heal, saying it was more realistic to see the fight in June or July. Fury’s eye will no doubt be a target for Usyk, while Fury’s training may be limited to body sparring to protect the area.

Usyk’s Former Coach

“Tyson has a reputation for being a rowdy guy. He spars oft times without any head gear on and a fight of that magnitude you can’t take those kinds of chances. I don’t know whether he had head gear off or not but the place where the cut is it seems so unlikely. Disregard for his profession, disregard for the fans… more than likely it came from him being reckless.

“May, that’s cutting it short, that is hurrying it up. I can see that cut re-opening if they go in May. I would push the fight back to June or July to be sure. [And] I personally as a boxing trainer would push it back. The longer that he takes time for it to heal, the better the cut is going to be but I don’t know about May,” Bashir said


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