Devin Haney Roasts Shakur Stevenson’s Career – ‘He’s Going Backwards’

March 22, 2024
2 months
Devin Haney Roasts Shakur Stevenson's Career - 'He's Going Backwards'

Devin Haney has hit out at Shakur Stevenson for trying to step in as a replacement for Ryan Garcia.

Haney faces Garcia on April 20 as he defends his WBC Junior Welterweight Title. Much has been said about the build-up, with worries over whether Garcia will make the fight. His mental health has been mentioned as a concern based on his social media activity. He has already admitted being ‘high’ during a fan interaction.

That was followed by other admissions of drinking alcohol and smoking weed. Garcia has also been vocal on certain causes, including human trafficking and accusing Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME drink of allegedly harming people. In response, Stevenson offered to face Haney instead if the Garcia fight broke down. Garcia is adamant the fight will happen, as Haney accused Shakur of being desperate.

Haney Reacts

“Shakur, he say a lot but he don’t fight nobody. We don’t see him fight nobody, we ain’t seen it. He calls everybody’s name out, he was just calling out my name to fight me. This was the day before yesterday and then today seen he’s fighting June — whatever he’s fighting — and he got an opponent already. He’s fighting a guy, Zaur Abdullaev, the guy I already beat. So he going backwards,” Haney said 

Stevenson has also been approaching Garcia about fighting him once the Haney fight is over. Shakur had a verbal exchange with Garcia during a Live Space interaction. During their interaction, Garcia agreed to fight Shakur if he could not get the Gervonta Davis rematch. But once again, Shakur is chasing people outside of his weight class. He is the current WBC Lightweight Champion.

The boxer has spoken about his desire to become undisputed at 135. Fighting Garcia and Haney does nothing to achieve that as they fight at 140. Shakur has a possible fight with Gervonta Davis for the WBA Lightweight Title.

He could also face the winner of George Kambosos Jr. vs Vasiliy Lomachenko, who both fight in May for the vacant IBF Lightweight Title. The WBO has also ordered Emanuel Navarrete vs Denys Berinchyk for the vacant belt at 135. And yet, Haney was still open to the fight later down the line.

Haney vs Shakur

“But what can you say, these guys just be saying my name but they don’t be serious. But if he was serious and we was really hurt in the fight with De Los Santos, then why don’t he just go back and rematch him and prove all the non-believers and the haters? Go fight De Los Santos again. He calling everybody name but the guy he just had a bad performance with and the world saying ‘he did this, he did that’ and he said he was hurt, go rematch him.

“He’s still a guy I’m interested in fighting because I want to prove myself but I also want these guys to fight each other too. I want these guys to prove that they that, too. I can’t be the only guy fighting and they only fight me and they wait around, go fight bums, and just wait around to fight me or call my name and disrespect me but they not fighting nobody,” Haney stated 


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