De La Hoya Warns Canelo Over Their Beef – ‘Unfaithful, Disloyal’

April 6, 2024
2 months
De La Hoya Warns Canelo Over Their Beef - 'Unfaithful, Disloyal'

Oscar De La Hoya has opened up on his relationship with Canelo Alvarez.

The two have been on bad terms since Canelo left Golden Boy Promotions. Alvarez accused De La Hoya of not being loyal as he sued Golden Boy Promotions and DAZN for a breach of contract. The lawsuit was ultimately settled, but the relationship was never the same. Now, Canelo and De La Hoya have crossed paths once again for the Jaime Munguia fight.

Canelo defends his Undisputed Super Middleweight Belt on May 4 against the undefeated Mexican. Oscar represents Munguia, as he backed his fighter to come out victorious. De La Hoya accused Canelo of being boring in response to their kick-off presser. Those comments did not sit well with Alvarez since he is considered the face of boxing. This is particularly true since Munguia received more cheers during their introductions at the kick-off presser.

De La Hoya On Canelo

“If he doesn’t have the courage to say it there at the presser – where his own fighter, Munguia, is present – that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s the whole essence of Oscar,” Canelo said 

Oscar has now responded with his own take. 

“Let me tell him exactly why he’s so mad at me. One day, a reporter asked me, ‘Do you think Canelo needs another trainer?’ I said to the reporter, ‘Maybe that [is a good idea]. I had seven trainers in my career. [And] I learned from every trainer who taught me something new. Maybe Eddy Reynoso can use a little help. Well, guess what? They called me not being loyal.

“He said I wasn’t loyal. How could I do this? So that’s how it started. If that’s what it was. That was it. I mean, come on. Who is the unfaithful one here? Who is the disloyal one here? And have I received a thank you? Never. When I got him the biggest deal of his life, remember that big contract? Did I receive a thank you? Never. So, who is the disloyal one.” “F***, no. I don’t give a s***,” De La Hoya stated 

Canelo’s Legacy

The deal was in reference to Canelo’s ten-fight agreement with DAZN, which was worth an alleged $365 million. Alvarez would end up suing for a breach of contract, but he did fight on DAZN for lucrative sums on more than one occasion. De La Hoya also played a major part in putting Canelo on the map when fans saw him face off against Floyd Mayweather.

While Mayweather dominated the fight, it gave the Mexican some mass exposure. It also earned Canelo’s highest pay date at that point. Both will have plenty to prove come fight night. De La Hoya has backed Munguia to win, seeing the fight as the changing of the guard. Canelo also has to silence his doubters amid claims he is ducking David Benavidez. A loss would further damage his credibility and make Munguia the new Mexican PPV star.


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