Broner Wants Haney; Bill Haney Dismisses It

January 18, 2024
3 months
Broner Calls Out Haney; Bill Haney Dismisses It

Adrien Broner has called on Bill Haney to send a contract to make the Devin Haney fight. 

Following Ryan Garcia’s decision to withdraw from talks over a Haney fight, Devin has been left to look elsewhere. His current options include facing Sandor Martin, Teofimo Lopez, or a move up to 147. In the short term, facing Martin is the likeliest fight if Haney intends to stay 140 pounds. 

Martin is his WBC mandatory, who is on a two-fight win streak since his defeat to Teofimo Lopez. That gives Haney another chance for a fight at 140. And it will help dispel claims that he beat a declining Regis Prograis in his first fight at 140. Facing Lopez is a much bigger fight. 

The Takeover is the WBO 140-pound champion after beating the former undisputed champ Josh Taylor to secure the belt. That made Lopez a two-weight and two-time lineal champion, setting the foundations for a big unification. But that all depends on whether Lopez can get past his next opponent, Jamaine Ortiz. They face off during Super Bowl week in a fight made intriguing by Bill’s introduction in Ortiz’s corner. But before that can happen, Broner was looking to get his shot first. 

Broner Calls Out Haney; Bill Haney Dismisses It
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Broner On Haney

“Ah @billhaney__ if you wanna get your son @realdevinhaney f****d up send the contract I ain’t never ran from no man in boxing why would I run from your son he can’t punch himself out a wet paper bag stop all that cap cause I’m with the s**t and I want all the smoke show me the dotted line!!!!!,” Broner said 

The chances of that happening first are very unlikely. Broner may be a four-division champion, but he has declined rapidly. He has only had four fights since 2019, showing the massive inactivity at show. 

During this period, he was also plagued by mental health and substance abuse issues that will no doubt catch up with the fighter as he enters his latter years. He recently returned after around three years out of the sport with a unanimous decision win over Bill Hutchinson in his last fight. 

The 34-year-old is signed to Don King, preventing him from securing the biggest fights, since it is not a major promotional company currently. Broner was considered to be an opponent for Ryan Garcia before he faced Oscar Duarte. Despite being able to sell a fight, Broner’s skillset is not the primary reason for him being in the conversation for such fights. His controversial nature has always made him a subject to talk about, but at the highest level, Bill Haney dismissed the idea of a fight with his son, Devin. 

Haney Responds

“AB is going to be commentating at Devin’s fight before he gets into the ring with Devin, I guarantee you that…AB might be a referee at Devin’s fight, a judge, concession man, something, anything else but being in the ring with Dev. I guarantee you that. You can ask him. Ain’t no money in the world,” Bill Haney stated

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