WBC Puts Baumgardner On Probation Following Her Failed Test

January 17, 2024
4 months
WBC Puts Baumgardner On Probation Following Her Failed Test

The WBC has placed Alycia Baumgardner on probation after testing positive for the steroid Mesterolone.

Her failed test came to light following the second defense of her titles as she secured a unanimous decision win over Christina Linardatou. The win was revenge for Baumgardner’s 2018 loss to Linardatou. That put her in the conversation for bigger fights against Amanda Serrano, Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron.

But the failed test meant this was impossible, but more controversially, the result came three days after Baumgardner’s win. The substance in question could only be taken orally. This naturally raised questions over whether Baumgardner had taken the substance wilfully or if it had been ingested without her knowledge. In response, the champion denied any wrongdoing, vowing to prove her innocence. 

Baumgardner Reacts

WBC Puts Baumgardner On Probation Following Her Failed Test
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“To be abundantly clear, I know that I never have, never would, and never will take this or any other drug. Not only would doing so be unethical, but it would also be completely contrary to how I’ve trained my entire career.

“I and I alone am responsible for what I put in my body, and my body is a temple. [And] I am also a proud role model for any young woman or girl who seeks to follow in my footsteps.

“I take those responsibilities very seriously. [This] is why I know that I did not and would never put these substances in my body. I plan to keep you all updated every step of the way as I work to ensure my reputation as a clean athlete remains fully intact,” Baumgardner stated 

But the WBC did not find there was any intent. 

WBC On Baumgardner

“Based on the Adverse Finding in Ms. Baumgardner’ A Sample, and considering all factors both sides presented, the WBC arrived at the conclusion that there was no conclusive justification to reject the accuracy of the Adverse Finding based on the evidence and arguments the Response and supplemental information presented. However, that same evidence and arguments do not conclusively support Ms. Baumgardner’s intentional ingestion of Mesterolone for performance enhancement purposes,” WBC said 

The champion, however, will be put on probation for one year. She will not be stripped of her WBC title, but the champion will still have her mandatory obligations to fulfil. Delfine Persoon is her current mandatory for three of her belts. But Baumgardner’s focus has been on getting a bout with Claressa Shields, the undisputed super middleweight champion. Either way, the following conditions will apply to Baumgardner going forward. 


“Ms. Baumgardner shall be subjected to a series of random anti-doping tests at her own cost, which frequency shall be determined by VADA;

“[I]f there is an adverse finding concerning any of Ms. Baumgardner’s samples or a whereabouts failure during her probationary period and for 6-months thereafter, the WBC shall immediately and without further inquiry take immediate action against Ms. Baumgardner under the WBC Clean Boxing Program Protocol;

“Ms. Baumgardner and the WBC will work together. [This is] to design and implement her participation in an anti-doping prevention program directed to active female boxers.

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