Vergil Ortiz Jr. Remains Focused Ahead Of His Return

January 6, 2024
3 months
Vergil Ortiz Jr. Happy To Be Boxing Again Following His Health Scare

Vergil Ortiz Jr. is happy to be back in the ring after his major health scare, which threatened his career, as he faces Fredrick Lawson on Saturday. 

The boxer fainted suddenly before his last bout with Michael McKinson, raising question marks over his long-term future in the sport. There were suggestions that he had gotten rhabdomyolysis. The diagnosis suggests extensive damage to the muscles, which prevents them from working. That can lead to complications with the heart and kidneys and even prove fatal.

The was the last thing he needed in light of his impressive boxing resume, with a 19-0 record. This was all the more remarkable since he had knocked out all his opponents. He was alongside Artur Beterbiev in having that accolade. Once the dust had settled, Ortiz could not make the 147 limit.

Vergil Ortiz Jr. Happy To Be Boxing Again Following His Health Scare
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This became a problem again ahead of his bout with Eimantas Stanionis. They were set to fight on July 8th, 2023. But it did not occur. Ortiz fainted and was hospitalised. After that incident, he decided to move up up from 147. He has his first fight over 147 at the contracted weight of 156 pounds as questions remain over whether he can handle the weight difference. But for now, he was glad to be in the mix again. 

Ortiz On His Return

“Right before I passed out before my last fight, I broke down crying, because I thought my career was over. It was a really tough time. I tried to distract myself. I went to some concerts. I’m not over it. I still have two more days, 48 hours. Until I fight again, step in that ring, and win in dominating fashion, then I’ll go over it.”

We were ready. I feel great. I’m comfortable here [at 154]. I have a lot of energy, and I’m ready to go. I feel the same. Nothing has really changed, and that’s a good thing. It feels familiar to when I was at my best. I’m at my best right now,” Ortiz said 

If he comes through with a win, Ortiz has set his sights on facing Terence Crawford. Bud will face Errol Spence Jr. after the latter activated his rematch clause. There is an expectation that the fight will happen at 154 pounds.

If Crawford comes out victorious, Ortiz wants to face him next. Both men are undefeated and can stop their opponents. Crawford has stopped all his opponents at welterweight, but there are still questions over whether both men can do that above 147. That has set up the narrative for an intriguing fight.

Ortiz On Crawford

“That’s a really good fight. I have a lot of respect for him. [And] I wouldn’t say he’s the top pound-for-pound guy. I think he’s definitely top two, and I would love to see what I could do against him. I’m just a competitive person. I don’t have any hate for anyone. I don’t say, ‘I want to fight him because I don’t like him.’ I have respect for every fighter, and I just want to see what I can do against the best,” Ortiz Jr. stated 

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