Tyson Fury Warned About Taking This Fight – ‘He’d Land On The Chin And Render Him Unconscious’

February 22, 2024
2 months
Tyson Fury Warned About Taking This Fight - 'He’d Land On The Chin And Render Him Unconscious'

Mike Tyson would beat Tyson Fury in a potential boxing match.

That is according to Carl Froch. The Gypsy King knows what it is like to go up against Iron Mike after having fought Francis Ngannou. Mike was in the corner as the former UFC Heavyweight Champion suffered a split decision loss. Despite this being the case, Ngannou was praised for the manner of the performance; he dropped Fury in the third round and managed to last the distance.

After the fight, he secured a WBC top-ten ranking and confirmed a bout with Anthony Joshua for March 8. Tyson is a former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, showing that he knows what it takes to make it at the sport’s top level. He secured all the belts by beating Tony Tucker in a unanimous decision.

Although the Gypsy King does classify himself as one of the best of all time, Froch believes that Mike Tyson would have too much firepower for him. Mike was known for his ferocious boxing style of fighting on the front foot. His first 28 wins included 26 knockouts.

Fury may have changed his style under SugarHill Steward to become more of an offensive fighter, but the fact is that he is not a knockout artist. And Froch felt that would ultimately tell in a fight, as he backed Iron Mike to render Fury unconscious.

Froch Reacts

“Mike Tyson knocked out a few big lumps and tall guys too. I think Tyson Fury would be able to keep him out of the way for an amount of time but you’re talking about a peak Mike Tyson, who was world champion at 20. I think a peak Mike Tyson beats almost anybody.

“Just the way he used to be in the ring he was a dangerous, dangerous man. He didn’t stop throwing punches. He used to roll his way into range. If they tried to grab him, he’d push him off and he’d throw big hooks and big uppercuts and he’d land on the chin and render him unconscious. I think the answer to that question for me would be Mike Tyson beats Tyson Fury,” Froch said 

Tyson On John Fury

The Fury family is a huge fan of Iron Mike, given that the Gypsy King was named after the famous boxer. Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury, has even gone as far as to call out Mike Tyson for a boxing bout. This was seen in the buildup for the Fury-Ngannou fight.

Although that was the case, the reality is that the fight is unlikely to happen. But if Mike Tyson can help Ngannou secure a rematch with Fury, and then get a win, a narrative would be in place for John Fury to step into the ring to avenge such a loss. But based on Mike’s prior comments, the fight is off the table.

“He’s out of mind about the exhibition. I’ll tell you what has impressed me so much at the weigh-in and press conference, normally they have to be tough but it was all love in there. It was a majestic sign of ‘We’re fighting each other’, just amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like that,” Mike stated 


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