Tommy Fury Hits Out KSI’s Appeal – ‘He Lost Fair And Square’

November 15, 2023
5 months

In the latest boxing news, Tommy Fury has hit out at KSI following the latter’s appeal to his loss in the aftermath of their bout on October 14th, 2023.

The two boxers faced off in a bout that offered very little for fight fans to get their teeth into. And in a fight that was deemed close, Fury was given the win via a majority decision.

However, in the aftermath of the fight, KSI was very vocal about how he had been robbed. Meanwhile, Judge Rafael Ramos’ scorecard had been incorrectly added as the 57-57 was later shown to be 57-56 in favour of Fury.

As such, the decision was altered to a unanimous-decision. In response, KSI’s camp issued a formal appeal against the decision.

While that may be the case, Fury has made it clear that he had no desire to run things back with KSI as the focus was on getting another fight with Jake Paul.

Fury On KSI’s Appeal

“Load of s*it, it was a load of s*it. He lost fair and square, it was what it was. They’ve already changed it to unanimous in my favor so, good appeal mate! I came to fight, and he was getting instructed by his corner to hold me. One guy came to fight, the other guy didn’t so that’s the way it turned out like it did… We knew he was never going to stand and trade with me, so that’s probably the right tactics.”

“I am the only fight for Jake Paul. Me and Jake Paul are dance partners, and he knows that himself. Me and him will always make a good fight, always make a big fight. So whatever he’s doing, I’m sure me and him will meet again one day,” Fury stated 

Those comments were significant for the following reasons. The plan of action from Fury appears to be a focus on facing Youtube/novice boxers, showing that a world title ambition is not there.

That is understandable given the huge paydays that Fury has already received. And with Jake Paul already being open to the idea of running things back, Fury has the chance to have another big payday.

Will The Appeal Succeed?

Nevertheless, depending on the outcome of the appeal, that could all change. If the result does end up being disputed and altered, then the narrative is already in place for a big rematch.

However, boxing appeals are not very successful unless there are clear grounds for overturning a result. The Daniel Dubois appeal against Oleksandr Usyk had shown that.

Despite Dubois’ punch in the fifth round being declared a low blow, a huge proportion of the boxing community were adamant that it was a legitimate punch. However, the WBA appeal was not successful as Dubois would go on to be stopped in round nine.

Although Frank Warren has indicated that another appeal will be made, coming out victorious in an appeal process is no mean feat. And there is not getting away from that.

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