Tom Aspinall Wants To Avenge His Curtis Blaydes Loss

April 11, 2024
3 months
Tom Aspinall Wants To Avenge His Curtis Blaydes Loss

Tom Aspinall is open to rematching Curtis Blaydes following rumors of a UFC PPV in Manchester, England, this summer. 

Aspinall is currently the UFC Heavyweight Interim Champion, looking for a title shot against Jon Jones. Bones is currently out injured after damaging his pectoral muscle, which prevented his UFC 295 title defence against Stipe Miocic. Dana White refused to strip Jones, as Aspinall fought Sergei Pavlovich. The Brit knocked out his opponent in the first round, winning the interim belt.

Aspinall can either wait on the sidelines for the title shot or remain active. The Brit looks to do the latter, as facing Blaydes would avenge his only loss. Aspinall lost the fight via a first-round stoppage after injuring his knee. Following a year out of the Octagon, he has bounced back with first-round KO wins against Marcin Tybura and Pavlovich. Dana White recently teased a big card for the UK this summer, with Aspinall and Leon Edwards mentioned as possible names. 

White On An England PPV

“I have an English heavyweight champion and lots of other European stars. Two champs now out of England. That’s another thing that was happening just recently, so we have these teams that build all their different pieces to the puzzle. Then we come together with me and I start trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and I’m like this doesn’t fit here, that’s got to go. That’s how it all works.

“We had these fights where it’s like we’re going to do this where? No, we’re going to England. So we’re going to England. We’re coming and I got great fights lined up for the U.K. fans and I’m excited to get back there. Literally days [away from announcing the event]. We’re right there working on stuff. [It will be a] numbered card, pay-per-view. A great one,” White stated

Aspinall Reacts

Aspinall has no plans to wait for Jones, as he targeted Blaydes.

“I was off for a year with an injury, a potential career-ending injury. I don’t want my career to be over and I don’t want to sit on the sidelines waiting. [And] I want to go and do my thing and prove I’m the best. I’m not a nitpicker. [And] I’m not a guy that says let me just wait this one out.

“I’m a fighter. I want to fight people. That’s what I’m here to do. I believe I’m nowhere near my prime yet. My body is good, my mind is good, why should I not? Curtis Blaydes, of course. We were supposed to fight, we had a fight for 15 seconds, I injured my knee, and he has a win over me. So of course I want that fight first,” Aspinall stated

Aspinall vs Gane

Cyril Gane will also be in the mix if that fight fails. Aspinall accused Gane of ducking him and Blaydes. The Frenchman has lost in his two world title fights. Francis Ngannou knocked him out at UFC 270 in 2022, while Jones won a first-round submission last year at UFC 285. Aspinall claimed Gane turned down the Pavlovich fight before him, labelling Gane as someone who avoids fighters. 

“He’s dismissed me on multiple occasions, and I’m not the first guy he’s dismissed. I’m not the first guy that he’s ducked. It’s out there for people to see. The reason that I got the Pavlovich fight is because Ciryl didn’t want it. He ducked Pavlovich. He then ducked Curtis Blaydes. Curtis Blaydes has been on record saying that. I asked for him years ago. He didn’t want it then. Then I asked for him in Paris. They flew me over; we tried to make that fight. He didn’t want it then, and we’ll see what the UFC wants to do,” Aspinall said 

Gane did not take those comments, well calling on Aspinall to face him in September. 


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