Sean Strickland Hits Back At Joe Rogan’s Comments – ‘I Want To Fight This Man’

February 25, 2024
2 months
Sean Strickland Hits Back At Joe Rogan - 'I Want To Fight This Man'

Sean Strickland has slammed Joe Rogan after he criticised his behaviour for fighting influencers in sparring. 

Strickland is the former UFC Middleweight Champion, showing he has what it takes at the sport’s top level. He secured the belt with a win over Israel Adesanya at UFC 293, only to lose the title against Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297.

Since that defeat, Strickland has been involved in various altercations with non-pro MMA fighters. He sparred with influencer Sneako, giving him a bloody nose, which drew criticism from Jake Paul. The Problem Child responded by calling Strickland a bully with an offer to fight him. Strickland responded by issuing Jake with a death threat. 

Strickland On Paul

“Real talk… jokes aside.. Jake Paul is an utter f***ing joke….. You box small retired old mma fighters and you sell sugar water to kids.. If it were legal I’d take your f***ing life with a smile on my face. Is there any place on this earth [where] I can take this man’s life and walk?” Strickland revealed

“Actually Jake I’ll make you a better deal because money can’t buy happiness and you have plenty of it and youre still a cunt……. No cameras, me and you in a desert…. That would buy my happiness… No Instagram, no likes, no games…. Just you that’s what I want,” Strickland added 

That incident was followed by an altercation with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. They both attended a Power Slap event at Durango Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. The following clip shows them engaged in a verbal war of words, as there was a danger that Strickland could have lashed out at MGK. Once the dust had settled down somewhat, Strickland had a few choice words to say. 

Strickland On MGK

“I almost hit a vampire tonight… lol! They said his name is machine gun kelly..  How do you have a dope ass name and dress like a 13 goth south park character?!?” Strickland said 

“You guys what the f**k is going on………. Transformers Megan Fox is with that thing….. what the actual f**k has happened to the world?! What did I miss? Is she OK? Is this man the devil? @meganfox are you ok? Do you need assistance?” Strickland added

Those serious altercations were followed up by a friendlier interaction with a fan. The following footage shows Strickland sparring with a fan on a ski slope. Strickland made the fan tap out, but he did praise the fans for taking up the challenge. Now Rogan has responded to the UFC fighter, who did not have many kind words for the podcast host. 

Strickland vs Rogan

“It’s never good that a guy who is some trained killer goes after some regular guy, picks a fight with him, and f***s him up. “It’s never thought of as good. It’s always negative. Like, almost entirely negative. Like, the entire fan base will recognize that terrible behavior,” Rogan said

“They want you guys to know that you’re not special. They want you guys to know that when you’re sitting in that f***ing nosebleed seat, you’re not special. Even though you are the motherf***ers that finance this sport, they want you guys to know that you suck. When I go and wrestle a guy on the ski slopes, that is f***ing awesome, man. I love the fact that you woke up, you went snowboarding, you saw me and say, ‘I want to fight this man.’ I f***ing love it. I respect it,” Strickland replied 

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