Ryan Garcia Responds From Hospital – ‘I’m Ryan Spears, Free Ryan’

June 10, 2024
1 week
Ryan Garcia Responds From Hospital

Ryan Garcia shared various posts on his social media, stating that he was in hospital. 

The news comes shortly after Garcia was arrested for vandalism in relation to when he was staying at the Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria on June 8. It is alleged that he destroyed hotel property, while staff believed he was under the influence, up to $15,000. The footage below showed Garcia being taken away by the authorities. While he has been released, it still spells danger for the boxer. He was transferred to the hospital for an evaluation, but it is not clear if this is a mental evaluation. 

Garcia’s Troubles

“I want to confirm that the reports you may have heard regarding my diagnosis of breast cancer are true. I am determined to fight this, just as many women before me have done. [And] I draw strength from my faith, and the unwavering support of my family and friends, who will be my pillars through this journey. Together, we will face this challenge with hope and resilience. Thank you all for your encouragement. I also want to thank the fans and supporters of our family who have sent many prayers to me and our loved ones. Your kindness and support mean the world to us,” Lisa Garcia stated

Garcia’s mother is currently battling with breast cancer, something which cannot be easy for him following his struggles in the ring. He tested positive for Ostarine, and he faces a battle to clear his name. The substance has been outlawed as it gives boxers the ability to lose weight and increase stamina and muscle.

Garcia Reacts

Garcia denies any intentional usage. However, strict liability means he can still be responsible, as fighters are held accountable for what they consume. Amir Khan received a two-year ban for the same substance, even though he proved it was not intentional. This was even though Khan had a smaller amount in his system than Garcia. Given that so much is happening to Garcia, it is a tough position for him. 

“I feel like I’m Ryan Spears, Aka Britney Spears. This sucks 🙁 I never hurt anyone. I’ve only ever loved everyone, prayed for people, and tried to make a change in this cruel world. Kinda funny both Trump and I are in jail. I don’t know if he is in jail but I know he got convicted. Prayer warriors. Please, I need prayers. A lot of prayers. Prayers can move mountains. Free Ryan. I’m worried 🙁 I have to be at this weird hospital, and they are trying to give me medicine, and they have me on a hold for who knows how long; they will determine. Pray for me,” Garcia stated

Garcia is at a crossroads. Even if he avoids a ban, he faces serious question marks over whether he is in the right frame of mind to continue boxing. He previously took around two years off from the sport for mental health reasons. This was after the biggest win of his career, which was against Luke Campbell. It is only right that Garcia prioritizes himself in this period.


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