Jared Anderson Apprehended Following A High-Speed Chase

March 2, 2024
3 months
Jared Anderson Apprehended Following A High-Speed Chase

Jared Anderson has been charged with a third-degree felony for fleeing from the police.

According to reports, Anderson had been leading authorities on three high-speed chases, resulting in him crashing into a median in Huron County, Michigan. The event was alleged to have taken place last Thursday, as Anderson was being chased by the authorities for six miles in his Dodge Challenger car. It is claimed he reached a speed of over 130 mph before crashing and then being arrested. The boxer was then released on Saturday after a $10,000 bond was posted.

If Anderson is found guilty, he could be sentenced to up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. This is also in addition to his licence potentially being suspended for a year. There is also uncertainty over what happens in his upcoming fight with Ryad Merhy on April 13.

Anderson’s Arrest

This is not the first time that Anderson has been in trouble with the authorities. In November last year, Anderson was arrested for driving a vehicle while intoxicated and for having a gun in his car. The boxer was in the County Corrections Center for eight hours before being released.

“A police report from Oregon PD said that Anderson was pulled over for allegedly going 55 m.p.h. in a posted 40 m.p.h. Zone. The officer stated that he could smell the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle and observed an open container of Don Julio alcohol in the car. Police also said that they could smell the odor of alcohol coming from Anderson. During a search of the vehicle, police found the firearm in a locked glove box,” Authorities said

Anderson’s Future

The news is also significant in light of what the boxer has previously said. Despite being among the best heavyweights around, Anderson has stated that he wants to leave boxing as soon as possible. He was very vocal about how he was fighting for money, as he aims to become a world champion at some point. But given that he struggles to hold himself together outside the ring, there are question marks over whether he has the right mentality to succeed at the top level.

“I only do this because I’m stuck with it. But this is my revenue and I’m good at it, I can make some money out of it. By the age of 26 I want to be finished in boxing, 100 per cent. The long-term goal is to acquire generational wealth – in three years? – I can do it, all I need to do is fight the right names. Fight bigger names, become world champion, if not undisputed, and then get out. Then I’ll probably fall off the face of the earth. I think I can do that in two years, maybe three. Within four I will be gone,” Anderson revealed 

Regardless of what Anderson does moving forward, he must be in the right frame of mind. There is no getting away from that. 


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