GSP Recalls His Health Scare – ‘Maybe I Had Cancer’

March 31, 2024
2 weeks
GSP Recalls His Health Scare - 'Maybe I Had Cancer'

Georges St-Pierre admitted that his decision to move up to middleweight, and his subsequent health scare, was the reason why he left MMA.

In 2013, GSP decided to take four-year break from the sport. That is when he vacated his welterweight title, which was after he had defended it nine times. He returned to the sport in 2017, when he faced Michael Bisping for the middleweight belt.

While GSP won the fight to become a two-weight champion, the fight took its toll. GSP revealed that he struggled to make 185 pounds. He then developed ulcerative colitis. This is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes excessive inflammation. A month after beating Bisping, GSP vacated his title. That would be GSP’s last fight in the UFC, as he recalled his struggles.

GSP Reacts

“The reason why I really retired is because it took a lot out of me, and I started developing a condition called ulcerative colitis. It’s an inflammation of the intestine and my last fight when I fought Bisping, I tried to eat, to gain weight, and I have a very hard time gaining weight. I forced myself to eat and maybe the doctor told me that’s probably why I developed that…I used to go to bathroom and it was a lot of blood, I thought maybe I had cancer,” GSP said

Once the champion realised that his health was not good, he resorted to fasting to cure his symptoms. The decison paid off, as GSP revealed his symptoms cleared up shortly after. There was talk that he could return to the sport. Khabib Nurmagomedov called out GSP in 2019, saying he was happy to fight if the champion could make 155 pounds.

“George St Pierre is great. A great guy, great champion, and a great athlete. he is very good example for young kids. I know he is retired, but if he wanna come back and if he feel hungry and if he feel he can improve his legacy with fight with me and he can make 155, I am waiting for him,” Khabib said

GSP’s Return

GSP was also linked with a return against Nick Diaz at UFC 300. The Canadian had beaten Diaz in 2013 at UFC 158. While GSP has hinted at possible comebacks, he admitted he was not the same fighter. He ruled out any return as his focus was elsewhere. 

“I’m 42 years old. I’m not the same person I used to be when I was competing. There was a time I had an incredible drive, I wanted to become champion. Nothing in the world could stop me. Like mentally, I was unstoppable. I had a crazy, crazy drive. If a door was closed, I was going to open another door; if two doors were closed, I was going to get in by force. I was ready to do almost anything to achieve my goal, but I’m not that person anymore,” GSP revealed 

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